Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Museums in Provo

Are you a history buff? If you’re looking for the best museums in Provo, then look no further! This definitive guide to the best museums in the area will inspire you to wonder. Whether it’s art, culture, people, science, or paleontology, the museums in Provo have something for everyone. So, check out our ultimate guide to the best museums in Provo below!

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The Best Museums in Provo

BYU Museum of Peoples & Cultures

The BYU Museum of Peoples & Cultures provides archaeological, ethnographic, and anthropological collections to the academic mission of BYU. This museum features the lifestyles, religions, arts, and traditions of various people groups from all over the world both past and present. Get directions here

BYU Earth Science Museum

The BYU Earth Science Museum prepares, displays, and houses the dinosaur fossils and rock specimens collected by Dr. James Jensen. Here you can view fossils collected from Utah, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado. Get directions here.

Museum of Art at BYU

The Museum of Art at BYU is one of the best-attended art museums in the West because it offers a fascinating exhibit schedule of permanent displays, traveling shows, and curator-organized exhibits. The four-story museum boasts 102,000 square feet of exhibits, theaters, classrooms, and a gift shop. Get directions here.

Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum at BYU

The Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum at BYU boasts an incredible array of vascular and non-vascular plants and vertebrate and invertebrate animals. You’ll see everything from an elephant to peacocks to gazelles and cheetahs. The best part about this museum? It’s free. Get directions here.

Springville Museum of Art

The Springville Museum of Art is a visual fine arts museum dedicated to refining minds and building character through the arts. The museum is the first of its kind in Utah and brings over 15 exhibitions per year to the area. Here you can check out authentic Utah art, realist artwork, and American art. Get directions here.

Crandall Historical Printing Museum

The Crandall Historical Printing Museum is a one-of-a-kind place that offers an inside look at the history of the printing press. It features both replicas and authentic printing presses from important printing eras including the Gutenberg Press, the English Common Press, and the Acorn Hand Press. Get directions here.

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