Friday, March 30, 2018

Great Provo Attractions for History Lovers

Provo has much to offer history buffs, with a deep, rich, but also sad history. Originally called Timpanogots, which means “rocky,” Provo has had many name changes, many of which were rooted in history. The first inhabitants, the Timpanogos, were a peaceful people, but disputes over land and cattle broke out between the settlers and Timpanogos got engaged in a battle that is known as the Battle Creek Massacre.

Provo eventually grew into a big and popular city with plenty of historical landmarks and sights that history lovers can explore to learn more.

Here are some of Provo’s best attractions that every history lover should check out.


Provo has plenty of fascinating museums that history lovers can visit to learn more about everything that happened in this city.  Here are a few of the best museums to check out when you stay over at Hines Mansion:

Antique shops

Antique shops are always fascinating to history lovers and these shops are also great for shopping expeditions and for adding to your antique collection.  Here are a few of the best antique shops to visit when you stay over in Provo:

Oldest buildings to check out

If you love history and have a thing for historical buildings then you can also scout the city and have a look at some beautiful old buildings. Provo is full of beautiful old buildings like the Wood-Harrison House, the Clark-Taylor House, William and Ann Bringhurst House and much more.

Historic landmarks

Historic landmarks are also worth checking out.  The landmarks are great fun to seek out and it is great fun to learn what interesting things happened in certain locations.  Here are a few historic landmarks to seek out while you visit Provo:

Provo is a wonderful city in a state with a very rich history.  It is definitely worth your time to take out a few books and to learn more about all of the things that happened here and to visit a few landmarks, see a few buildings and to shop for a few antiques. Though not all in the Provo/Orem area, many of these landmarks and museums are worth a visit to learn and enrich your understanding of what makes Utah so special.

Hines Mansion

Our very own Hines Mansion has quite an interesting history and is also a sought-after destination for travelers and history lovers. Russell Spencer Hines and Kitty built the mansion in 1895 with money acquired from mining, business and real estate ventures.  The mansion was renovated during 1975 – 1978 and in 1995 the mansion was transformed into a bed and breakfast.  The rooms and architecture of the mansion are still very true to its original creation and the interior design captures the historical vibe of the mansion perfectly.

Friday, March 16, 2018

What to Pack When You Stay Over At Hines Mansion

It is never easy to know what to pack when you are on a journey.  The last thing you want is to haul heavy baggage or bring unnecessary items, but you also don’t want to neglect to pack something that you end up needing.

At Hines Mansion, we understand the difficulty in packing for a trip when it is never certain what will happen.  We also understand just how hard it is to travel with baggage that you never end up using on your trip.  That is exactly why we do everything in our power to accommodate our guests as much as we can and help our guests travel as light, easy and comfortable as possible.

Here is a basic guide of what to pack and what to leave behind when you are staying over at Hines Mansion.

What Not to Bring:

Skip out on the towels

Towels can take up a whole lot of space in your suitcase but luckily there is no need for you to bring along towels.  Our luxury guest rooms are all stocked with fresh, clean plush towels for your use.  The towels are replaced on a daily basis so you can feel refreshed every day.

No need for soaps

We have a range of specials and packages that you can also order for your room that includes bath bombs and specialty soaps.  Every room also has complimentary products that you can use.  There is no need for you to bring along soaps unless you have a specific preference with regards to your cosmetics.

No need for luxuries

You don’t have to bring along luxury extras like snacks, rose petals or flowers. All of these extras can be purchased from us here at Hines Mansion if you were looking to surprise your significant other.  We make it a priority to help you create the perfect romantic vibe with rose petals, strawberries and cream, chocolate covered strawberries and more.

Don’t pack the hairdryer or robe

A hairdryer is one of those things you always seem to forget but luckily you don’t have to pack one.  We include a hairdryer in the bedroom accessories for you to use whenever you need to.  Each guest is also supplied with a comfortable robe for that immersive luxury experience during those cozy nights.

No need for linen

Our bedrooms are fashioned with beautiful luxurious linen that is comfortable and clean. Here at Hines Mansion, we do our best to ensure that your experience is comfortable, and stress-free so you can focus on having romantic and relaxing nights. Don’t worry yourself about bringing extra blankets, and trust us to provide you with a great stay!

What to Bring:

Pack your clothes

Clothing is essential that you will have to pack.  For every night you will need nightwear and an outfit for the next day.

Personal care

Bring along personal care items like grooming items, makeup, hair brushes, toothbrushes, and perfumes.

Travel accessories

The only other thing you will need is the things you take along as you travel.  Your smartphone and wallet and phone charger are the only extras you will probably need.

When you stay over at Hines Mansion you can travel incredibly light because basic clothing and personal care items are all you need to pack.  We supply all the rest so you can be as comfortable as possible and to focus on the rest and relaxation you will get when you stay here at our luxurious mansion!

Friday, March 2, 2018

7 Fun Activities for your stay at Hines Mansion

Hiking in Provo

It is good to get as much out of your journey through Provo as you possibly can, so we’ve made staying at the Hines Mansion Bed & Breakfast an adventure all on its own. Our beautiful bed and breakfast has a deep history and plenty of interesting attributes to marvel at during your stay. Each of our guest rooms has a uniqueness that will awe and charm you and the warm textures and hospitality will certainly help you enjoy a very relaxed stay while you are visiting Provo.

While you are staying over at our bed and breakfast there are many attractions and excursions in Provo that you simply must enjoy. These mini day adventures will give you much enjoyment during the day and will ensure that you get the most out of your traveling experience and your visit to this beautiful city.

Here are 7 fun things to do in Provo while you are staying in our bed and breakfast:

Visit the Bridal Veil Falls

Visiting the Bridal Veil Falls when you journey through Provo is an absolute must. These falls are beautiful all year round. In the summer you can hike the trail, viewing the beautiful green scenery and rushing water of the Provo River and stop to enjoy the refreshing mist or trudge through the dazzling snowy trail during the winter to marvel at the frozen ice climbers all over the falls as they freeze over during winter time.

Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum

Part of Brigham Young University, this museum hosts a large collection of taxidermied animals as well as live animal shows and exhibit tours. If you want to learn something new about Provo’s animal life then you can definitely give this museum a visit and learn a few interesting facts about these beautiful animals.

The Soap Factory

It is always interesting to visit a factory so you can see how things are made and learn more about certain processes. Soap making is a very interesting trade and at The Soap Factory you can buy interesting and beautiful soaps, see how soaps are manufactured and even give soap making a try.


Ziplining is a perfect get your blood pumping and you marvel at beautiful nature scenes as you glide through the air. Provo Canyon is an especially beautiful place for ziplining, you can experience the breathtaking views of the Wasatch Mountains and the flowing Provo river. If heights aren’t your thing, Provo Canyon Adventures also has other more down-to-earth friendly activities like horseback riding and paddleboarding!

Provo Beach

Provo Beach is, of course, a must. This indoor facility is absolutely beautiful and you can enjoy a great variety of activities such as surfing on the waverider, bowling with your friends, playing games at the arcade and even crochet! Whether it’s in the summer, or in the dead of winter, Provo Beach is always a good place to go to have a ton of fun!

Seven Peaks Resort Water Park

Seven Peaks provides families and young travelers with plenty of fun things to do. This adventure park is an absolute must if you are looking for something fun for the entire family to do in the summer! Enjoy a day at the waterpark floating in the lazy river, zooming down one of the many slides, or braving the waves in the large wave pool! Provo can get hot in the summer heat, so Seven Peaks is the perfect way to cool off.
Provo Pioneer Village

If you love history then you will love to explore the Pioneer Village. This village is modeled to be an interactive museum and everything from shops to wagons are perfectly preserved so you can see exactly how the founders of this city used to live. The village pays homage to the rich history of the pioneer journey to the west, providing an immersive experience to show you exactly how the pioneers lived. At the Provo Pioneer Village, you can delve deep into the roots of how Provo came to be!

These 7 fun things to do just barely scratch the surface of the things to do in Provo, but they definitely some of the most representative of what Provo has to offer. With these fun things to do, you will definitely enjoy your stay at Hines Mansion and your days will be packed with wonderful adventures, so book a room with us now!