Thursday, April 20, 2017

Top 5 Things to Do in Vivian Park in Provo Canyon

The city of Provo and the surrounding area are rich in wonderful things to do, including great opportunities for adventure and exploration. Vivian Park in Provo Canyon is one of those great opportunities! There you’ll find fishing, hiking, picnic opportunities, a pavilion and more! Plus, the peaceful park is the perfect morning or afternoon respite. Here are the top five things to do in Vivian Park in Provo Canyon.

Vivian Park in Provo Canyon is just one of many great ways to appreciate the beautiful landscape the area embodies. For more great ways to explore, be sure to download the free Vacation Guide from the historic Hines Mansion. When you use our guide, you’ll find that there’s no limit to how incredible your visit to Provo can be!

5 Best Things to Do in Vivian Park in Provo Canyon

Beautiful Vivian Park in Provo Canyon is home to great outdoor activities for you and your family. Plan a trip to the east of Provo to make the most of the park’s offerings. Here you’ll find a variety of great ways to spend your time! Here are the five best things to do there!

1. Vivian Park Stocked Fishing Pond

This picturesque pond is stocked with trout to entice fishermen of all skill levels. Not only will you have a beautiful view, but the chance to catch some beautiful trout!

  • Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.

  • Daily bag & possession limit: 2 fish total. This isn't mandatory, but the Utah Division of Wildlife encourages you to release all bass at community waters.

  • Boating & floating: No

  • Likely catch: Rainbow Trout, brown trout

  • Site rules: Fishing for kids 12 & under and handicapped persons.

  • Swimming or Boating: No swimming or boating allowed

  • Handicap access: Yes

  • Size: 1 Acre

2. Heber Valley Railroad Train Stop

The end of the line for the Heber Creeper Railroad, Vivian Park in Provo Canyon is a great stop to get on board for a specialty ride! The train turns around here, so take the scenic train if you want to head to Heber City!

3. Pavilions for Picnics

Two pavilions are available in the park for your picnicking convenience! Pack up some sandwiches and head out to the park for a peaceful picnic at the foot of the mountains along the Provo River!

4. Hiking

The Provo River Parkway trailhead runs into the park, meaning it’s a great place to begin your hike!

5. Playgrounds

Two playgrounds at opposite ends of the park are a fun way for the kids to enjoy the park! Imagine the kids playing with the beautiful mountains in the background!

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