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The 8 Best Outlets and Malls in Utah

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From serene deserts to strange rock formations, Utah is a wonderful and majestic place to explore. While you spend days planning activities add these 8 malls and outlets into your schedule. Some of them are modern, some take you back in time, but all are down-right impressive! Most of these options also include world-class dining and fun activities for the whole family. These are not in any special order but here are the 8 best shopping outlets and malls in Utah.

shoppers walking through a round open-air center

1. City Creek Center- Salt Lake City, Utah

This premier hot spot is located just off I-15 in the heart of Salt Lake City. With world-class shopping and dining options, City Creek should be at the top of your list. Some of the featured stores listed here are: Lululemon, Albion, Kendra Scott, Fabletics, and so many more. Bring the kids to City Creek and enjoy activities such as feeding the fish, and Minecon at the Microsoft store. Even if you are having a friend’s night out, your group can decorate cakes at Albion with The Blonde Who Bakes. The events at this mall are ever-growing and should not be missed!

large angled LED sign mounted on a building

2. University Place- Orem, Utah

With a tagline of, “Unlike Anything Else in Utah Valley”, this four-generation owned shopping destination is a landmark in Orem. Not only does this shopping center have entertainment accompanied by retailers and dining, but it also has a two-acre outdoor space - The Orchard - that is used for events all year. Bring the little ones to their Kid’s Place and let them roam around the playground or even play in the splash pad! When you are ready to relax, enjoy this center’s large water-fountain or enjoy a meal at one of their many dining options.

lights hanging across an open-air shopping center

3. The Shops at Riverwoods- Provo, Utah

After you spend the day going to Bridal Veil Falls at the south end of Provo Canyon, you will want to head to the Shops at Riverwoods to refresh. This center is equipped with unique stores and a handful of dining options. You can even hit the beach? Provo Beach is a 50,000 sq. ft. place where you can surf, eat, and play! You can also wind down in a float spa at True Rest Float Spa. From beautiful waterfalls to unique malls, Provo is a great place to spend the day and the Riverwoods is the icing on the cake!

stylish upscale men's wear hanging and folded

4. Outlets Park City- Park City, Utah

Formerly known as Tanger Outlets, this shopping center is home to over 65 brand name stores including Michael Kors, Nike, Fossil, JCrew, and many more. Families can stop in at the Children’s play area and take a rested break from shopping. If you want to engage in some physical activity, this outlet also offers bike-sharing. The electric bicycles are available for rent so you can explore the rest of what Park City has to offer.

a fountain shooting water high into the sky, lit purple

5. Station Park- Farmington, Utah

With first-class dining, shopping, and entertainment, this beautiful display of a shopping center is set to impress. Meet up with friends at Fountain Square which is strategically placed North of Cinemark theaters. From there, shop at one of the name brand or one-of-a-kind stores or enjoy a fun activity such as painting pottery. When you get tired from shopping, Station Park also boasts a Hyatt Hotel and gourmet eateries. Customers are especially excited to eat here now that P.F. Chang’s has opened. If you happen to visit this place in the winter, you can enjoy an outdoor skating rink! Station Park is a one-stop-shop and should be on the list of places to visit!

6. The Shoppes at Zion- Saint George, Utah

Nestled against a hill in the gorgeous southwest desert is The Shoppes at Zion, with over 30 premium shopping and dining options. You will find a store for every person in your family here and within budget! The Shoppes at Zion is a great place to stop by while you are out enjoying the beauty of Saint George and with this shopping center being close to Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon, and Zion National Park your options for entertainment are endless.

upscale menswear hanging below advertisements

7. The Shops at South Town- Sandy, Utah

This newly renovated shopping center prides itself on being a one-stop-shop. With over 100 options for dining, retail, and entertainment, there is something for everyone. The Shops at South Town have a blend of unique stores as well as known retailers like H&M, Macy’s, and HomeGoods. Take a break from shopping and enjoy the Dining Terrace or head to the Round 1 Bowling and Amusement for family fun. Make sure to check out their website for coupons before you go. On your way into this magnificent shopping center, look around and see the breathtaking view of the mountains, it is sure to impress!

8. Gardner Village- West Jordan, Utah

This one-of-a-kind shopping center is like taking a step back in time. Located in the Salt Lake Valley the Gardner Village reflects the early Utah pioneer mill industry. However, you will still find trendy clothing options at one of the many small shops. What is great about Gardner Village is you can bring family and friends here to create lasting memories doing fun-artistic activities like candy making, sewing, and furniture painting. You can also host an event in one of their four venues including the Gardner flour mill. The historic atmosphere of Gardner Village will leave you wanting to go back in time more often.

Red rocks and the Salt Lake are well-known in Utah but now so are these 8 best-shopping outlets and malls. Whether you want to stay close to central Utah or venture down towards the southwest corner of the State, you will be pleased with any of these shopping experiences. From the busy central life of City Creek, the Fountain Square at Station Park or time warp of Gardner Village, you can ensure you will make unforgettable memories while exploring the great land that is Utah.

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8 Fan Favorites – The Most Popular Foods in Utah

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Utah! Home of the Najavo, and the land of western settlers. A place full of deep history, amazing nature, and incredible sights to see. Well, no less amazing is the insane variety of strange and unique foods and drinks on offer throughout this great state. Listed below are just some of the fan favorites.

honey in jars being pulled with a honey dipper

1. Enjoy the sweet marvel that is honey! No list about Utah foods and beverages is complete without honoring the beehive, the state’s symbol. Utah has a long history of honey-making and beehive keeping, stretching back to the old days of its formation. Early Mormon settlers of Utah saw the beehive as a symbol of their hard work and industriousness, and they harvested the sweet nectar by the droves. When in the area and looking for a treat, Miller’s Honey, in particular, will make for a fine eat. They’re one of the country’s biggest sellers of the product and promise raw, unfiltered, pure honey.

pastrami burger with cups of ketchup and mustard

2. Chow down on the Crown Burger! Crown Burgers has set a real craze out in Salt Lake City’s burger-loving people with their signature charbroiled beef patty burger with hot pastrami, cheese, lettuce, and rounded out with tomato and fresh-cut onions on a warm sesame seed bun. Adding to the overall flavor is a generous spreading of Utah’s famed fry sauce, which we’ll be getting to next on our list. No meat-eating burger-lover visiting Utah should miss this mouth-watering delight. Stop on by the Crown Burgers at one of their seven locations across the state, five of which being in the Salt Lake City.

a cup of speckled pink fry sauce next to some french fries

3. Discover the wonder that is Fry Sauce! It’s not altogether clear just who invented this incredible condiment. Some say it was a man named Don Carlos Edwards of the restaurant the Article Circle, whereas others claim Edwards took the idea from a passing customer or another eatery in the area. One thing is certain though, Utah was where Fry Sauce came to be, and when in the area, it’s every traveler’s right and privilege to sample this original flavor. For those unfamiliar with Utah’s signature blend of sauce, it’s a secret but simple combination of ketchup, mayonnaise, and often paired with pickle juice for extra flavor.

a metal kitchen sink piled high with bananas, soft serve ice cream, and toppings

4. Test your belly with Angie’s Sink! Angie’s Sink is certainly one of the more unique foods you’ll find anywhere you go, and one that the mere thought of makes the mouth water. Brought to us by Angie’s Restaurant out in Logan, Utah, the Sink is pretty much what it sounds like. It’s a sink, of food! Mounds of creamy vanilla ice cream, two bananas whole, whipped cream, nuts, and a sweet cheery on top are what you’ll find in the sink.

a cheesy casserole baked to a golden brown in a dutch oven

5. Bask in the homemade warmth of a proper Dutch Oven dinner! Utah sure is a unique bit of land out in the Western US. Not a lot of states can say this, but out there they’ve even got an official state cooking pot, the Dutch Oven Cooking Pot. Hell, Utah even has an International Dutch Oven Society headquartered in Salt Lake City to symbolize their seriousness about their cooking. Dutch oven pots were a staple of old-time pioneers and settlers and often come in cast-iron cookware with a handle on top for easy transport and travel. One can make just about anything in one of these great cooking pots, and the only real limiter on their use is the imagination and one’s pallet. Get cooking!

corn taco shells filled with Navajo Taco fillings

6. Sample fine Navajo Tacos! Utah is a land of great history for the Navajo people. The official Navajo Nation is spread throughout the southeastern end of the state, and even touches borders with the state’s capital, Salt Lake City. So, when in the area, it’s only right that visitors interested in the state’s history and cuisine find their way to Navajo Hogan, dine in or take out. Local rumor has it that the Navajo-owned restaurant serves the best authentic style tacos in all of Navajo land and is not to be missed. Classic Navajo Tacos are made from ground beef, red beans, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, and fry bread, often with the option of a blue corn shell as a tasty alternative.

7. Speaking of fine authentic cuisine, try Salt Lake City’s famed Puntas de Filete a la Nortena, of the Red Iguana! De Filete is the number one selling menu item at the Red Iguana, one of Salt Lake City’s finest Mexican restaurants. Visitors to the city can stop on by and expect to bite into this tasty meal of sirloin tips slow sautéed with bacon, jalapenos, onion, and fresh-cut tomatoes. It is certainly one meal not to miss for lovers of authentic Mexican food. The Red Iguana can be found at one of their two locations on Temple Street in Salt Lake City, Utah; 736 W North Temple, and 866 W South Temple Street and open from 11 AM to 10 PM most days of the week.

8. Peruse the finest microbrews Utah has to offer! Besides honey, Utah is probably most known (maybe, surprisingly) for its wide variety of custom microbrews and fine distilled liquors. Some of the local favorites of the state are Wasatch, Epic, and Uintah, when it comes to microbrews. For distilleries, one can’t go wrong with High West in Park City or Five Wives in Ogden. Wasatch, in particular, seems to have captured the attention of beer connoisseurs in the state, having consistently seen high ratings and fine reviews of their products since opening in 1986. Fun fact! Wasatch Brewery was the first brewery in all of Utah, and among the first craft breweries throughout the US.

Desserts and fine meals, historic brews and sinks full of ice cream, fry sauce and more, Utah offers something for everyone to enjoy. The state is rife with interesting foods and amazing beverages. While travelers certainly won’t want to miss out on any of the foods listed here, there is no way we could cover all of the great eats Utah has to offer. Get on out there and get chomping! These tasty menu items won’t eat themselves after all!

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Top 10 Steaks in Utah County

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Running north and south along I-15, bounded by the Wasatch Range to the east and Utah Lake to the west, you will find the communities of Utah County. If you find yourself in this vicinity, Utah County might be a good place to go hunting for that well-marbled, prime grade steak. Your inner beast will sit up, beg, and roll over for the chance to taste that first juicy morsel of steak cooked just the way you like it. Journey through Utah Valley and enjoy the experience, searching for some of the best steaks you've ever had.

bone-in steak and potato wedges on a wood table

1. Ruby River

Ruby River is most honored to serve the local community of Provo. Voted Utah’s Best Steak by City Search and City Weekly, Ruby River offers more than high-quality steaks. This restaurant serves a full menu with steak, soup, steamed veggies, and salads. They also serve battered fries. Be sure to try a Sirloin combo or one of their specialty steaks in the $20-$30 range.

2. Rodizio Grill

Those who know say that the Rodizio Grill, a Brazilian steakhouse, is one of the best choices for steak in the county. Located in Provo, this restaurant showcases a South American venue with a variety of cuts cooked to perfection. The Tri-tip steak is one of the favorites. For dessert, try cheesecake Brazilian style with exceptional sauce. Meals run from $20-$30 with special pricing for children and buffet options.

a steak topped with rock salt, with a side of grilled cherry tomatoes

3. Magleby’s

If you are hungry for a slow-roasted Prime Rib, Magleby’s might be right for you. Serving prime-grade cuts beef for over thirty years, this family restaurant has something for everyone’s taste. Steak meals with all the trimmings run for about $16-$45 depending on the cut. Expect truly great food, a warm greeting, and world-famous breadsticks. Be sure to try one of the world-famous deserts Magleby’s has to offer.

4. La Jolla Groves

It’s time to get away and experience delicious food in great company. La Jolla Groves will prove a good choice with a compelling ambiance and exotic menu. Try the Tenderloin Medallions or Filet Mignon and take some time to unwind. This island-like get-away won’t let you down. While the Wagyu Filet Mignon runs about $50, you could also consider the Hanger steak with chimichurri for $36.

a long steak on the grill with flames beneath

5. Carrabba's Italian Grill

A couple of Sicilian boys from Texas found themselves in Utah County and decided to share their family’s love for food. Though Carraba’s showcases Italian cuisine, a good steak is still a choice. Scarf down a Tuscan Sirloin or try Tuscan-grilled Rib Eye to tame your inner beast. Prices run from $15 to $30 for a remarkable steak dinner. Italian desserts are to die for, so be sure to add one on for your guilty pleasure.

6. Communal

Downtown Provo provides a good home for Communal. This restaurant flaunts local farmer's and producer’s goods, using fresh produce in their large, sharable portions. Open design provides a view into the kitchen action as they prepare your Miso Flank Steak with Pickled Cucumber Ponzu for about $30. For a side with a knock-out punch try roasted poblano mashed potatoes. If you prefer, you could try risotto or polenta cakes for a nice change.

a large steak served with french fries

7. Cubby’s Chicago Beef

Slyly disguised as a sandwich and salad restaurant, an intrepid steak hunter might pass it by; however, meat lovers can still enjoy this cuisine. Salads and sandwiches are readily available smothered with tri-tip steak. The folks at Cubby’s agree: “Eating out at a favorite restaurant should be affordable & never boring”. You can snag a good sandwich or piled-high salad for around 8 bucks. For a special county fair-like treat, try the Chocolate Caramel Whoopie Pie for dessert.

8. Texas Roadhouse

As far as franchise restaurants go, Texas Roadhouse is one of the best. Located in Provo, this one will not disappoint. This western-themed affair provides a casual dining atmosphere and is a great place to unwind. A variety of expertly-prepared steaks is available. Try the Roadkill - never fear, it is just a gussied-up chop steak smothered with sautéed onions, sautéed mushrooms, and jack cheese. Other delectable steak choices are waiting for you. Great steak dishes run from $12 - $30.

grilled chicken breast on top of seasoned potato wedges

9. DP Cheesesteaks

If you like your steak on a bun, smothered with gooey cheese, peppers and onions, you will find DP Cheesesteaks located in both Lehi and Provo. This quick, unpretentious meal is great for the passer-by, flying low on the way to other destinations. Several variations on the Philly Cheesesteak theme are offered. Sandwiches run from $8-$10 for regular and large - a great meal price. So whether you find yourself in need of a good traveler’s stretch break or just a quick sandwich dripping with juice on your lunch break, make DP’s your favorite stop.

10. Mo'Bettahs

Looking for something a little more unusual? You might be surprised to find that this little trip to Hawaii is nestled in Provo, UT. For a different taste, try the Steak Teriyaki (or Pulehu Steak). If you like you can combine it with chicken and pork samples - but then, some of us are just steak purists. Dishes run from $10-$16 for a very reasonable, uncomplicated, tasty meal.

a thick cut steak smothered in brown gravy

Be prepared for a tasty treat as you continue your excursion through Utah County, stay as a guest or settle in as a resident in this pristine part of the country. Whether you're searching for a full steak meal deal with all the sides or a pleasant steak sandwich, restaurants in Utah County will surprise the hungry steak hunter. Be sure to try one or several of the many options available. You will want to come hungry to better experience the taste of a good steak, or sandwich and all the trimmings. Time and time again the hungry beast will be agreeably satiated.