Tuesday, July 23, 2019

9 Best Restaurants in Provo, Utah

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Picture the scene: you’re on a road trip through the deserts of Western America. You’re driving along and suddenly; you feel a pang of hunger. But you don’t want to eat just fast food. You want something local, fresh, and unique. If you happen to be anywhere near Provo, Utah, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to finding amazing food.

Provo is located right on the shores of Utah Lake. Not only is it home to some of the most beautiful sights in the United States, but it also boasts a multitude of diverse restaurants. The diversity of restaurants is due to Utah’s close proximity to Native American reservations, Mexican settlements, and even some influences from India.

red curry and naan bread

1. Black Sheep Cafe

Black Sheep Cafe features a mix of Native American-derived food. The family who runs the restaurant does an excellent job of blending local Utah food products like honey and blue cornmeal with Native American staples. A good example of the foods that the Black Sheep Cafe makes is their Navajo tacos. They take common food and add their local goodness and the beautiful food culture of the Navajo, Pueblo, and Hopi tribes.

2. Bombay House

Another restaurant that is ushering diversity into Provo is Bombay House, an authentic Indian cuisine house. Not only is their d├ęcor spicy with an Indian flair, but so are their menu options. Bombay House offers its guests fresh meat like chicken and lamb with vegetables and irresistible Indian curry sauces. There are also several vegetarian options.

Although you may be in Utah, Bombay House uses the sights and smells of India to transport you to across the world.

3. Communal

If you’re looking for a more traditional vibe, or you’re just not feeling as adventurous, Provo still offers classic American cuisine. Communal features foods you already love with a unique spin on the traditional restaurant layout. The heart of Communal is in its name: community. The seating in this restaurant, long wooden tables meant to be gathered around, perfectly exhibits the kind of community Communal wants citizens of Provo to revert back to. Rather than sitting alone or in a corner, sitting at a long table facing your group of friends encourages people to enjoy food and company and not just technology.

The menu is prominently farm-to-table, supporting local farms and grocers while producing delicious and wholesome foods. You can order anything from healthier options like grilled salmon to more decadent dishes like buttermilk fried chicken.

beef gyro with lettuce and tomato

4. Cubby’s

If you thought you’d never see a Chicago-style restaurant in Utah, think again! Cubby’s Chicago Beef features unique sandwiches packed full of complementing ingredients. You can’t help but feel right at home when you walk into its cozy atmosphere.

One of its most famous sandwiches is called the Dragonslayer, a stacked-tall sandwich complete with a beef patty, spring mix lettuce, pickles, smoked bacon, and buffalo sauce. This is just a small example of the amazing sandwiches Cubby’s has on their menu.

5. Nicolitalia

No town is truly complete without “the best pizza in town” restaurant. Nicolitalia is known by locals as the pizza favorite in Provo. While pizza is the cornerstone of their menu options, they also offer stellar breadsticks, calzones, and sandwiches. Oh, and authentic Italian cannoli’s.

6. Kneaders

What’s a town without its local breakfast hot spot? That’s exactly what Kneaders is for Provo. Breakfast at Kneaders isn’t just your plain jane breakfast, either. Every morning, Kneaders offers unlimited French toast and pancakes. What it’s famous for though is its perfectly baked bread, made fresh every single day.

Pretty much any meal that had to do with bread, you can probably find it at Kneaders.

pizza baking in front of flames with meat and peppers

7. Molly’s

Nothing is better than a home-cooked meal, and that’s exactly what’s being served up at Molly’s in Provo. Classic comfort foods like brisket, mashed potatoes, and pulled pork are scattered throughout the extensive menu. You can’t go to Molly’s without getting the hot cheddar biscuits, a famous dish among the Provo locals.

8. Spicy Thai

If you love Thai food, Spicy Thai is a must-see while you’re in Provo. This restaurant offers ten different variations of curry, many different stir-fry and noodle dishes, and rice dishes. If you come for lunch, you'll find a different Lunch Special Tuesday through Saturday. Main dishes are offered with your choice of chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, or tofu.

Don't miss the Som Tum (papaya salad), the Thai Pho noodle soup, or the Mango Sticky Rice.

9. Waffle Love

Finally, you can’t complete a compilation of restaurants and leave out waffles! The Waffle Love food truck serves up the best waffles in Provo. Whether you’re grabbing a waffle for breakfast or dessert, you won’t be disappointed in the menu.

Some of their sweeter options include ingredients like cookie batter, cinnamon butter and cream cheese, and Nutella. If you have more of a savory craving, Waffle Love’s got you covered. Enjoy a classic chicken and waffles dish, grilled cheese, or chicken and avocado. All on a delicious waffle.

To see all of their menu options or to see where the food truck will be headed next, visit the Waffle Love website.

In Provo, you can find virtually every food preference under the sun. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or you love all foods and are super adventurous, you’re bound to find something to enjoy in Provo.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

9 Amazing Dinosaur Destinations in Utah

9 Amazing Dinosaur Destinations in Utah blog cover image

Did you grow up loving dinosaurs and wanting to learn more about them? Or maybe you have kids at home hoping to discover and explore prehistoric adventures as they learn more about dinosaurs. If so, a road trip to Utah may be the next vacation for you and your family to take.

Utah is filled with several different dinosaur parks to help your family discover more about our prehistoric friends. We’ve narrowed down the numerous dino parks in Utah to show you our favorites. Here are 9 amazing dinosaur destinations in Utah:

fossils of two dinosaurs standing next to each other

1. Natural History Museum of Utah - Salt Lake City

Want to be one of the first people in Utah to discover a new dinosaur fossil? If you take a trip to visit the Natural History Museum of Utah, you just might be. When a new species of dinosaur has been discovered in Utah, this is sometimes one of the first places it ends up.

You’ll find all different kinds of fossils found from newly discovered species inside of a beautiful building. It’s filled with lots of educational activities and games for your children - and maybe you’ll learn a new thing or two about dinosaurs and their fossils as well.

fossils of an armadillo-like dinosaur

2. Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point - Lehi

Looking at different dinosaur bones is of course incredibly fun, but getting hands-on experience is also a unique adventure as well. You can get that at the Museum of Ancient Life. This is one of the largest dinosaur museums in the world that includes over 60 complete skeletons and lots of hands-on exhibits.

You’ll find a lot of opportunities to “dig” in and learn more about prehistoric times. Kids can play in and explore the paleontology lab as well as see different shark and dino skeletons around the exhibits. There is also a sand and water table for the kids to enjoy.

colorful statues depicting small dinosaurs attacking in a pack

3. Eccles Dinosaur Park - Ogden

You’ll find tons of interactive touch screens and educational opportunities at this park. Something that sets this museum apart from the others is the different dinosaur statues located all around the venue.

These statues look very life-like and majestic when they’re standing in their natural visually-appealing setting. This park includes real-life fossils, dinosaur footprints, and a dino-themed playground for the little ones.

4. Dinosaur National Monument - Jensen

This exhibit gives off a brand new vibe as it has recently been renovated to showcase more than 1,500 dinosaur bones located on its famous “Wall of Bones”. Some of these bones even allow interaction and the ability to touch them as you learn more about these ancient fossils.

The site contains more exploring and adventure than most as you and your family will have the opportunity to whitewater raft, drive down the different exploration routes offered, go camping, take hikes and more.

blackened dinosaur bones among gray rock

5. Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry at Jurassic National Monument - Emery County

Many Utah dinosaur bones and fossils have been found in this specific site, so this could be one of your favorite destinations to visit. Upon arrival at the museum, you and your family get the chance to enter a building holding several bones buried there as you walk around and admire each fossil.

Not only will you get to look at all of these bones yourself, but you’re also able to watch paleontologists work and dig as they conduct research to study the different dinosaur bones and fossils. You’ll also get a chance to head outside and walk down three different hiking trails.

6. BYU Museum of Paleontology - Provo

If you’re looking for a museum filled with giant and valuable artifacts, this is a great site to visit. Located close to the football stadium at Brigham Young University is an abundance of prehistoric collections. This free and compact museum is a quick and exciting stop on the rest of your dino Utah tour.

7. Utah Field House of Natural History - Vernal

This dinosaur attraction contains a dinosaur garden that can be found outside. In this garden, you’ll see several full-sized replicas of all different kinds of dinosaur species like the famous Triceratops, T-Rex, and many more.

Once you head inside, you’ll see a giant skeleton of a Diplodocus as well as opportunities to learn about dinosaurs with the different activities offered in the interactive building.

8. St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm - St. George

This museum was created in 2000, so it’s still newer than the others on this list. A slab of rock was found by Dr. Sheldon Johnson that contained preserved dinosaur footprints. He decided to go forward with this discovery by turning the rest of his land into a dinosaur museum. 

Though it may be little and smaller than most, it is fierce. This museum is known to be one of the most essential museums in the world for anyone who is currently researching or studying work centered around early Jurassic footprints. This museum helps people learn more about how different behavior patterns of dinosaurs including how they traveled and survived in the prehistoric era.

9. Mill Canyon Dinosaur Trail - Moab

If you’re looking to explore for a little bit one day, this brief trail is a great adventure for you and the family. You’ll see several dinosaur bones and fossils found on the different rocks along the trail you’re venturing down.

Not sure what different dinosaur fossils look like? There are several signs along the trail to inform people of what kind of bones are located where and lets you know what kind of prehistoric creature they came from.

Whether you’re looking for a day of dinosaur digging or want to pack a whole week’s worth of dino exploring, these destinations could be perfect for you. They’re filled with different interactive adventures to help you and your family learn more about prehistoric times and engage in fun, family-bonding activities together.