Friday, April 14, 2017

What Are the Best Things to Do in Provo with Kids?

Planning a trip to Provo, but don’t know what to do to keep the kids interested? Thankfully, for you, there’s plenty of things to do in Provo with kids! Because of the incredible landscape, abundant points of interest in Provo, and chances for an adrenaline rush, you’re sure to have an amazing time here! From whitewater rafting to hiking to zip lines, you won’t soon run out of fun and interesting things to do in Provo with kids!

For a definitive list of all the things to do in Provo, download the free Vacation Guide from Hines Mansion! Our expertise comes from the fact that we’re local! We know the in’s and out’s of Provo, so you can trust us to lead you to the best Provo visit you’ve ever had!

Fun Things to Do in Provo with Kids

Go River Rafting

Whitewater rafting in Utah is a real adrenaline rush! When you go Provo River rafting, it’s no different. You’ll want to check out High Country Adventure for fun, but not dangerous, Class I and II rapids on the Provo River. For higher class rapids, they also offer raft tours on the Weber River. If you want to make the drive from Provo, Midway Adventure Co. offers morning, afternoon, and sunset raft trips a little further north on the Provo River. Either one of these is great for outings with the kids and great ways to make special memories!

Go Hiking

There’s no question that the surrounding topography around Provo furnishes some incredible vistas and outdoor activities. For some, taking these hikes in Provo is the focal point of a trip to Provo. For others, it may not be so clear. No matter what, though, a hiking trip is a great way to get out and get some fresh air and catch some beautiful views!

Zip Line Into the Horizon

This is your chance to see the countryside and get an adrenaline rush like nowhere else! Check out the zip line options in the Provo area like Adventure Zipline and High Country Adventure. Think of the fun memories your kids will make flying through the trees on one of these zip lines!

Splash Into Seven Peaks Water Park

There’s a pool, slide, or attraction for visitors for of any age here at Seven Peaks Water Park, so if you’re ready to splash into a good time, take a look at some of the fun that the water park offers!

GetOut Games

Live escape rooms are gaining popularity nationwide, making GetOut Games one of the most thrilling things to do in Provo. The new concept, known as “live escape rooms,” combines adventure with puzzles, mystery, and teamwork. Teams have 60 minutes to work together to escape. Codes, secrets, and even zombies will help you decipher the mystery to escape the room.

Plan a Getaway to Provo with the Kids

These and many other great things to do await you when you plan your next trip to Provo with the kids! Here at the historic Hines Mansion, we accommodate children 12 and up! Come, stay in our historic inn and enjoy the best Provo has to offer! You’ll feel right at home, so contact us today to book your stay! And, if you need more great ideas for things to do while you’re here, then download our free Vacation Guide!