Tuesday, July 31, 2018

20 Amazing Things To Do In Utah County For Under $10

You don't need to spend a lot of money to have fun in Utah. Let's explore 20 incredible things you can do in Utah County for less than $10.

1. Bowling at Fat Cats

Bowling lovers will love Fat Cats in Provo.  Fat Cats attracts lots of visitors, more so in summer. And there's more to Fat Cats than just bowling; fun-lovers can play ping pong, billiards, and more.

2. Swimming at a local swimming pool

Spending your afternoon swimming at the local pool is also a pocket-friendly way to spend your summer afternoons, assuming you don't have aquaphobia. Astonishingly, pool charges will set you back no more than ten bucks. Pools like the Lindon Aquatic Centre offer discounts to locals.

3. Miniature Golfing

With as little as $6, you can enjoy a game of mini-golf at Seven Peaks (Lehi). Charges for miniature golfing don't vary much amongst leading golf clubs in Utah. $10 should set you in good stead in partaking in the mini-games at the majority of golf clubs.

4. Visit a movie theater

Utah County is home to multiple theatres where you can enjoy the newest movies in town with friends or family without breaking the bank. For example, the Water Gardens theater charges only $6.50.

5. Stargazing Events

Watching stars is perhaps among the most underrated pastimes. The BYU Planetarium welcome the public on Fridays to watch the stars using their state-of-the-art tools. Visitors also get to learn a thing or two about our cosmic environment. Amazingly, you part with only $4 for this memorable experience.

6. Skating, climbing and bouncing at Classic Fun Centre

As the name suggests, Classic Fun Centre, located in Orem, is a hotbed of fun activities that include skating, climbing, and bouncing. A skate pass costs $5, and $8 if you wish to participate in all the three activities (skating, climbing and bouncing).

7. Visit Camp Floyd State Park

Camp Floyd State Park is home to several historical sites, some of which you might have never heard of. The state park is a great place to learn the history of Utah. Individuals part with $3 while $9 caters for a whole family.

8. Visit Provo Towne Centre to play laser tag

Provo Towne Centre has a special place (Command Deck) reserved for laser tag game lovers and players. Playing a five-minute laser tag game costs only $5.

9. Fun painting at Wildflower studios

Wildflower Studios is a cool place to visit for budding artists and someone who is keen on honing their ceramic painting skills. Depending on the size of the object you wish to paint, participants pay as little as $1.5 and $10 at most.

10. Visit Nickel City for fun games

With over 100 fun and exhilarating games for people of all ages, Nickel City is one of the most affordable fun centers in Utah County. Visitors pay $2.25 to access Nickel City's beautiful arcade.

11. Play nickel games at Nickel Mania

Do you find video games irresistible? If you answered yes, Nickel Mania is the place for you. Visitors pay a $2.25 admission fee and 5 cents for each game. Playing for games can hardly go lower.

12. Visit Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point

Your fast growing kid has an incredible chance to learn about various animals at Farm Country. The farm also offers horse rides! The admission fee for this fantastic farm stands at only $7 and $2 for subsequent horse rides.

13. Lowes Xtreme Airsports

Lowes Xtreme Airports in Provo offers a wide range of fun activities to people of all ages. From foam pit diving, jumping, to gym workouts, you can participate in lots of fun activities at Lowes and for not more than $10.

14. Tour Timpanogos Cave

A tour at Timpanogos Cave lingers long in the memory of people who visit the site. A tour of Timpanogos Cave costs you $8 for adults and $6 and $4 for kids aged 6 to 15 years and 3 to 5 years respectively. Kids under three years gain free entry.

15. Visit Provo Beach Resort for a variety of games

Visit Provo Beach Resort offers lots of fun activities including laser tag, ropes course, bowling, croquet, and laser frenzy. None of these games costs over $8 for a session.

16. Drive the scenic Alpine or Nebo loops

How amazing it feels to drive in nature. For those who perhaps have never driven through nature, we recommend that they head out to the Alpine Loop or Nebo Loop Byway this summer and ride or drive along the beautiful roads and paths traversing lush green landscapes. Driving the Nebo Loop Byway costs nothing; however, visitors pay $6 for a three-day pass into the Nebo Loop.

17. Go to an Orem Owlz baseball game

The Orem Owlz are ready for you if you want to see baseball this summer. A general admission ticket to this ballpark goes at $5. Reserved seats start at $9.

18. Visit Velour Live Music Gallery

Music lovers also get a chance to savor live music without having to dig deep into their pockets, and the Velour Music Gallery affords them such an opportunity. Tickets cost just under $10 for a live and engaging musical performance.

19. Enjoy a cinema session at SCERA Center for the Arts

SCERA Center for the Arts located in Orem offers excellent movie series on a regular basis. With as little as $2, visitors can watch a series of films.

20. Ice skate at Peaks Ice Arena

Could you perhaps be keen to have some fun on ice? In that case, the Peaks Ice Arena is the place for you. With pocket-friendly offers – skating costs $5 – the Peaks Ice Arena offers unforgettable experiences.

Utah is full of fun and affordable activities. With just $10, it's possible to have fun without agonizing about burning a hole into your pocket.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

A Week At Hines Mansion Bed & Breakfast

Built way back in 1895, the Hines Mansion is a picturesque premise thanks to a facelift and excellent maintenance. Nestled in the beautiful town of Provo, this lavish bed and breakfast mansion radiates the charm of the old Victorian era. Visitors are often taken aback upon experiencing the magnificence of the mansion's nine tastefully-decorated guest rooms and suites. The Hines Mansion is undoubtedly among the best places to reside during your visit to Provo, Utah. A week at the Hines Mansion affords tourists an unforgettable experience, and here's why:

Where you'll stay

As earlier mentioned, visitors have the option of a number of luxury guestrooms to choose from when choosing to reside at the Hines Mansion.

Eagle's Nest

The Eagle's nest offers its inhabitants a panoramic view of Provo and the breathtaking views of the nearby mountain landscape courtesy of its eight-foot high vintage windows.

The room's vintage Americana theme will soothe you as you lay on the comfortable king-size bed for the next week. The room also comes with additional perks like a mini-fridge and ceiling fan.

After your long journey to the Mansion, you may choose to freshen in the suite's first-rate bathroom with three-sided windows and jetted bathtub. Upon finishing up on the grooming side of things, you may turn to the flat-screen television and catch up with the latest in sports, local and international news.

Kitty Hines

If you prefer compact spaces, the Kitty Hines room bodes well with you. Kitty Hines features striking French d├ęcor with eye-catching blue and cream shades. The privacy and serenity afforded by Kitty Hines provide for a fantastic experience for guests wishing to enjoy a little bit of personal space.

Among the amenities offered to guests who choose to stay at the Kitty Hines include; a two-person jetted tub, queen-size bed, branded toiletries, separate shower, flat-screen television, mini-fridge, ceiling fan, plush towels and an en-suite bathroom.

The Library

Are Eagle's Nest and Kitty Hines occupied? No need to panic. The Library will provide for an equally exhilarating living experience. Similar to the earlier mentioned guest rooms, the Library features cool amenities such as; a two-person jetted tub, queen-size bed, separate shower, flat-screen television, mini-fridge, ceiling fan, plush towels and an en-suite bathroom.

Breakfast at Hines Mansion

When you rise in the morning, head to the sunny dining room where you'll be served with a sumptuous continental breakfast. The meal comprises of; cereals and oatmeal, cheese and home-produced jam, baked food and pastries, egg dishes, roasted coffee, fresh fruit platters and blended juices and organic tea.

Do you want freshly baked cookies or muffins with fresh fruits and popcorn for late night munchies? Well, you can place a request for them to be delivered to your doorstep as you engage in a late night chat with your better-half or watching a movie.

Activities to do while at Hines Mansion

Hines Mansion is close to numerous natural attractions. To ease the work of searching numerous internet pages on the possible activities you can enjoy, we've compiled a list of several places you can check out during your stay:

Visit Utah Lake

Ever heard of Utah Lake? It is the largest freshwater lake in Utah and lies a mere 10 minutes away from Hines Mansion. Dedicate one day during your week's stay at Hines Mansion to savor fantastic recreational activities provided by the lake. Fishing, swimming, boating to paddle-boarding, are among the numerous activities visitors of the Mansion can partake.

Visit Bridal Veil Falls

Dedicate one day to visit the Bridal Veil Falls to enjoy nature as you've never seen. The falls looks magnificent at all times as the Provo River's water rushes and falls downstream. Apart from the water, you'll have an excellent opportunity to view the beautiful and lush green surrounding scenery from the viewing point of the falls.

The Bridal Veil stands as a must-visit attraction.

Visit Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum

If you choose to visit Utah Lake and Bridal Veil Falls on your first and second days in Hines Mansion, we suggest that you visit Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum on the third day.
The L. Bean Life Science Museum provides tons of information about wildlife in the Provo region.


Ziplining is an exhilarating experience that ardent adventure seekers can't afford to miss during their visit to Provo. Enjoying a view of the natural features from your room is one thing, getting an aerial view of the same as you glide through the air is an entirely mind-blowing experience. Ziplining provides an unobstructed view of the Wasatch Mountains and Provo River.

Visit Seven Peaks Resort Water Park

The Seven Peaks Resort Water Park lies less than 10 minutes away from Hines Mansion and is the perfect family or couples' getaway in summer when we all seek to cool off. Seven Peaks Resort Water Park hosts loads of fun activities well-suited for visitors of all ages. You can decide to laze afloat the lazy river as you sip your favorite drink or enjoy a boat ride.

Visit Reed Smoot House

Reed Smoot House is a national historic landmark a mere 15-minute walk from Hines Mansion. Initially the residence of Reed Smoot - a former politician, businessman, and a religious leader during the early 1900s. On visiting the Reed Smoot House, you'll learn a lot about the fallen veteran and also a thing or two on maintaining a home in top condition as its original furnishings remain intact.

We hope that this guide has been helpful in planning your trip. Boredom isn't an option while staying at in Provo!

Monday, July 16, 2018

15 Fun Things To Do In Provo, Utah

Opportunities abound for sight-seeing and a bit of adventure in Provo. Attractions range from museums to outdoor attractions, all with a unique story to tell. There is something for everyone in Provo. Read on to learn about 15 fun things to do in Provo, Utah.

#1 Bridal Veil Falls

This 600-foot-tall waterfall is sure to dazzle. Located in the southeastern end of Provo Canyon, Bridal Veil Falls is a treat any time of year. During the warmer months, a scenic hike will take you from the parking lot to the falls. During the winter, the waterfall freezes over and you can watch ice climbers make their way to the top.

#2 Provo Canyon

The site of Bridal Veil Falls, Provo Canyon, is in the Wasatch Mountains. During summer, the canyon is a great place for rock climbing, hiking, and biking. The nearby Deer Creek Reservoir is a great place for swimming and boating. In the winter, the reservoir is great for ice fishing and you can cross country ski in the canyon.

#3 Brigham Young University Museum of Art

This art museum houses ten galleries, an auditorium, gift shop, theater, and a cafe. Because it is part of the campus, it also has classrooms. This museum is a great resource for students, aspiring art teachers, and visitors alike. Make sure to check out the sculpture garden and reflection pool as the museum gives you a more reflective mind and a capacity for deeper inquiry.

#4 BYU Museum of Paleontology

This museum was built in 1967 originally to hold the rock and dinosaur fossils found by Dr. James A Jensen. Over several decades, Dr. Jensen and his crew gathered fossils and artifacts from Utah, Montana, Colorado, and Wyoming. Now the museum serves as both a workspace for research and labs for the university, as well as a tourist spot. Admission is free, although donations are encouraged.

#5 Seven Peaks Waterpark

This family-friendly waterpark has something for all ages. The waterpark has a collection of waterslides, a lazy river, a wave pool, and hot tubs. There is also a “Tadpole Pond” for toddlers, featuring four short slides, floating toys, and fountains. Visitors can purchase food and drink inside the park, meaning it can be an all-day experience. The waterpark is open throughout the summer.

#6 Utah Lake State Park

This lake has history and adventure. Early Utah settlers lived along the shore of the lake because of where it is positioned in the valley. Now, people come to the lake for everything from fishing to wakeboarding. Equipment is available for rent on the lake including stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, and wave runners. In addition, Bonneville Sailing School offers sailing lessons to the public.

#7 Adventure Zipline

This zipline is actually five ziplines that crisscross across the Wasatch Mountains. The system gives visitors dazzling views of Mount Timpanogos, Utah Lake, and the Provo River. Trained guides and all needed safety gear are there for visitors’ comfort. However, for those who would rather stay on the ground, there is also stand-up paddle boarding, horseback riding, and several other off-road trips.

#8 Franklin S. Harris Fine Arts Center

The Harris Fine Arts Center (HFAC), located on the Brigham Young University campus, was completed in 1964. It was named after the president of BYU at the time. He consistently supported the fine arts and education in fine arts. The HFAC is one of the most well-known buildings on campus, with thousands of visitors every year. The center regularly hosts many art exhibits, student-run theater performances, and music programs.

#9 East Bay Golf Course

What vacation would be complete without a trip to a golf course? The East Bay Golf course contains a Championship Golf course, an Executive Par 3 golf course, a driving range, and a clubhouse. There are instructors for lessons ranging from private to group as well as youth lessons. The golf course has tournaments and workshops throughout the summer.

#10 Rock Canyon

Rock Canyon is less than 10 minutes from central Provo, so it’s a convenient spot for a bit of hiking. The trails have geographical formations, deep caves, and a variety of plant and animal life. The canyon also holds Squaw Peak trail, which leads to the top of Squaw Peak. The canyon is great for novice through experienced rock climbers.

#11 Provo River Parkway Trail

The trail begins at Utah Lake State Park and ends in Vivian Park in Provo Canyon. The trail is made for people to walk, bike, hike, jog, or rollerblade. This parkway trail goes through quiet wooded areas, country parks, and lovely neighborhoods. The path runs along the Provo River and down the Provo Canyon and has many access points along US 89.

#12 Crandall Historical Printing Museum

This museum educates visitors about the whole printing process. The museum focuses on Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press and how it impacted the spread of news and knowledge as well as free speech. The museum holds a fully-functional Gutenberg Press, an Acorn Press, and an English Common Press. It also traces the events of Grandin’s Print Shop, the store where the first copy of the Book of Mormon was printed.

# 13 Provo Beach

Provo Beach is an indoor adventure park, great for a family or for intrepid adults. One of the biggest attractions is the Flowrider, which is an indoor wave machine that simulates surfing. Provo Beach also boasts an arcade, carousel, laser tag, and a Mega Playground. In addition, there’s a bowling alley and a ropes course.

#14 The Shops at Riverwoods

The Shops at Riverwoods is one of the best places in Utah for shopping, dining, and entertainment. This outdoor mall has been open since 1998. The mall has specialty shops, boutiques, and brand stores as well as an event space that’s 50,000 square feet. The mall is open year-round. During the summer, there are splash pads and fountains on the cobblestone paths.

#15 Provo Pioneer Village

Provo was founded in 1849 and the Pioneer Village has preserved building and exhibitions from that era. The village boasts several pioneer homes, a granary, a school, a general store, a working blacksmith shop, and more. The village is open all summer, but visitors can also tour over the winter by appointment.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Provo, UT: One of the Happiest Cities in America

When looking for somewhere to vacation, you want to visit a place that will make you feel happy. There are many options for a vacation spot, but none have quite the charm and appeal of Provo, Utah. It may surprise you, but Provo, Utah has consistently ranked in the top 10 happiest towns in America, according to a study done by National Geographic. It has also ranked well as a place for outdoorsy type people to live, creative types to have a job, and as a place to raise a family. This town, and how great it is, has been one of the best-kept secrets in America, but not anymore. There are many reasons for how well Provo ranks in these studies, particularly in how happy residents are, but there are a few reasons that stand out. Some important items we need to be happy are getting outside, eating healthy and delicious food, experiencing art, taking a vacation, and being part of a good community.

One of the largest factors in being happy is getting outside. In Provo, there are many options for outdoor recreation within a few minutes of downtown, making them accessible to all. Provo is nestled near the mountains, so there are many winding trails for hikers of all skill levels as well as some opportunities for rock climbers of various skill levels. There is also a nearby lake, which offers everything from swimming to fishing to sailing. You can rent most of the equipment nearby and there is even a sailing school that gives lessons to the public. Even in the winter, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. The Bridal Falls, a stunning set of waterfalls, freeze over and some daring ice-climbers climb up them. On the lake, there is ice fishing, and there is cross country skiing outdoors as well. In short, there are plenty of adventures to have outdoors no matter what time of year it is, which contributes greatly to happiness. In addition to being outdoors, people also need good, affordable food.

Provo is a great place to go for delicious food. The city has several farmers’ markets where local farmers bring the best of their food into the city. There are also many local orchards to supply these markets as well. All in all, people in Provo can get fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables for a good price. Beyond this, of course, there are the many delicious restaurants in Provo. There is a dizzying array of foods to choose from and you know the atmosphere will be great since everyone in town is so happy. You can eat at a different place each night you’re there and still have more restaurants you want to try. In addition to eating great food, people also need art in various forms to feel happy.

Another important aspect of happiness is experiencing art. Provo is full of art and culture in addition to all of the outdoor wonders. There are several theaters in town, a thriving community orchestra, as well as several art galleries. Brigham Young University has brought many different attractions to the town as well. They are generous about sharing some of their more interesting academic buildings with the public and their students put on many wonderful plays. Another example is BYU’s paleontology building, which is open to the public, and all they ask for is a donation. This building holds fossils that have been gathered over decades and it serves double duty as a museum and a research lab. While art is important for happiness, so is taking a vacation.

Taking a vacation is very important to our happiness. With the amount there is to do and see in Provo, it is likely that residents choose to take a staycation instead of traveling somewhere else. Why would they leave? Everywhere you look in Provo, there is another reason to visit. Their waterpark has something for all ages, from a collection of waterslides to a lazy river to a section just for toddlers. In addition to that, there is also a trail that can be traveled via rollerblade, as well as just about any other form of non-motorized transportation. This trail runs along the river and can be accessed by the highway. All of these traits make this path accessible to many people of various hiking levels and that means visitors only have to travel as much of it as they desire. Taking vacation is important for our health, but so is having a friendly community.

Provo is a friendly community and is welcoming to visitors. One of the reasons Provo is such a happy place to live is because everyone there is so friendly and people are able to find their niche. For visitors, it doesn’t take long to fall in love with the city and get to know many of the people there. Provo celebrates its history, embracing both the people of past and present who live there. They are happy to remember what is past and look to the future. By learning about Provo’s past at any of its museums, you can be drawn into the community as well. There is a lot to love in this city and a lot to love about the community you will find there, past and present.

Provo is one of the happiest cities in America because residents and visitors are able to get outdoors, eat delicious and healthy food, experience art, take a vacation (or a staycation), and be part of a friendly community. Many of the factors of happiness are easily covered in Provo, which must be why it has ranked so highly as a great place to live so consistently. If you don’t live in Provo, then part of your happiness could be in taking a vacation there. After all, taking a vacation is an important part of being happy, and we know that Provo fits the rest of the bill. All it’s missing is you!