Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Here are the Best Honeymoon Ideas in Utah

So, you’ve got the wedding venue booked, the guest list created, the registry done, and your stress levels are rising as fast as the dollars are adding up. There is something special about your special day. So, to help you cope with the wedding planning stress, let us help you start looking forward to the honeymoon! These honeymoon ideas in Utah may surprise you! Utah may not be the first destination that comes to mind, but the natural beauty of the state finds a complement in the many wonderful things to see and do. We’re confident you’ll love starting your life together here when you check out these great honeymoon ideas in Utah!

When you’re looking for the most incredible honeymoon experiences, the historic Hines Mansion has got you covered. Our free Vacation Guide will steer you in the right direction and help you make memories that will last a lifetime. Are you ready for the honeymoon yet?

Honeymoon Ideas in Utah You Won’t Ever Forget

The amount of great honeymoon ideas in Utah may surprise you. From National Parks to charming cities to great shopping and dining, there’s plenty here for you to have a magical start to your marriage. Here are a few ideas to get you started in the Utah Valley!

Beautiful Bed & Breakfast, Hines Mansion

There’s no place quite like it in the Utah Valley. Hines Mansion offers romantic amenities with spacious rooms, jetted tubs, gourmet breakfast, and, most importantly, peace and quiet. Couples who stay at Hines Mansion will tell you that the comfortable luxury there is the perfect way to start your marriage and that it is centrally located to all the best things you want to do in the area. Browse their beautiful rooms and see for yourself the comfort and romance that can be yours!

Incredible Experiences to Make Lifelong Memories

The Utah Valley is home to some incredible experiences you simply don’t want to skip during your honeymoon. All around the Utah Valley, Wasatch Mountains, like Provo Peak, overlook your visit. Hiking these mountains is a popular choice with trails of all difficulties presenting a range of challenges for those seeking a gorgeous view and incredible experience outdoors. If you’re the adrenaline junkie type of couple, then zipline adventures in the area will entice you, as well! There are also horseback rides available from various ranches in the area for those who want to see the countryside.

Shopping and Dining

Some of the best ways to remember your honeymoon are through souvenirs. And, some of the most memorable honeymoon experiences are fine dining. Luckily for you, there are many great options for both in the Utah Valley. Find the best shopping experience at the Shops at Riverwoods. And, for a dining experience to remember, the Italian culinary scene in Provo is notable. There are also great places to get a steak, too. You’ll love your shopping and dining experience in Provo! Plus, at Hines Mansion, our gourmet breakfast will get your day started right!

Honeymoon Here at Hines Mansion

With these wonderful ideas and more in our free Vacation Guide, historic Hines Mansion is the perfect destination for your honeymoon. Let our friendly staff accommodate you and get out of your way so you can have a beautiful adventure in Provo to begin your beautiful adventure as a married couple! Our comfortable, luxurious, and, most importantly, private rooms await you and your love. So, browse our availability and contact us to unwind from all that wedding stress!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Best Italian Restaurants in Provo You Need to Taste

Though you may not associate the mid-Utah city of Provo as a hub of Italian cuisine, there are a few authentic Italian restaurants in Provo that could state their case. So, whether you’re after a delicious plate of pasta or are looking for a garlic fix, there are a few great options from which to choose. You won’t regret stopping by any of these great Italian restaurants in Provo!

There are many chances for you to make incredible memories during your next trip to Provo. Whether that’s a revelatory plate of pasta or climbing the Provo Peak, there’s something for everyone! Here at the historic Hines Mansion, we consider ourselves experts on all things Provo. So, download our free Vacation Guide today to learn of the best ways to have an incredible visit!

Your Stomach is Growling for These Italian Restaurants in Provo

When you’re in search of great Italian food in Provo, these should be your go-to, best options to satisfy your craving. You may just want to go back before your trip is through!

Gloria’s Little Italy

This quaint downtown Italian restaurant is one of the best options for Italian food in Provo! Rated as the Best Italian in the Valley on the KSL local A-List, Gloria’s Little Italy offers their famous sauces and renowned gnocchi. They use only the finest imported cheese and pasta, and they make all of their sauce and soups from scratch. If you’re looking for authentic Italian-style gelato, then Gloria’s is your place, too! Plus, to top it all off, a local accordionist serenades patrons on the weekends!

Oregano Italian Kitchen

The award-winning chef, Chad Pritchard, offers a New York take on Italian cuisine. You’ll love the step away from traditional Italian for the zestier side of things with their famous Spaghetti Bolognese and decadent handcrafted desserts. Loads of pasta, gnocchi, and fusion takes on Italian greet your taste buds with a “Buongiorno!” in a New York accent! You’ll love it here!

La Dolce Vita

Back in 1984, the Corte’s opened up La Dolce Vita in homage to their roots in Naples, Italy. Many times rated the Daily Herald “The Best of Utah Valley,” the restaurant assembles authentic ingredients to tell the old-world story of authentic Italian cuisine. Start with delectable antipasti, choose from family recipes of pasta, meat, and seafood, and then sink back into your chair and try not to take nap. You’ll love the variety on the menu, but most importantly the flavor that keeps you coming back for more!

After a Hearty Italian Meal, Come Relax With Us

Sleep it off, walk it off, or just lounge around at Hines Mansion after your meal at any of these great Italian restaurants in Provo. Come, relax with us! We are eager to accommodate your every need during your trip to Provo. So, browse our available rooms and see for yourself the kind of quality and comfort you can afford. Then, contact us to reserve your next visit to Provo! Lastly, if you need more information on things to do in the area, then download our free Vacation Guide today!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Keep In Your Budget With the Best Free Things to Do in Provo

There’s no reason to go and spend a bunch of money just because you’re on vacation! Look all around the city of Provo and you’ll find a plethora of incredible experiences to be had, memories to make, and things to do! In fact, you’ll want to keep a list of these free things to do in Provo on hand with you during your visit. So, create memories that will last a lifetime and cost you nothing at the same time! Here are some great ideas for free things to do in Provo to help you keep within your budget.

Looking for the most incredible experiences in the area? You’ve come to the right place! Here at historic Hines Mansion in Provo, we’re the experts on things to do in the area. So, when you’re planning your next visit to the area, download our free Vacation Guide to help inform you about what you shouldn’t skip!

The Best Free Things to Do in Provo

There’s plenty to do to fill your time while you’re here! Use this list of the best free things to do in Provo to help guide you to an inexpensive, budget-friendly getaway!

  • The Springville Museum of Art is one of the Utah Valley’s hidden treasures! View the fantastic diversity and quality exhibits for free, and satisfy the artist within you at the same time!

  • The Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum on BYU’s campus features many great exhibits portraying the study of life. It’s a one-of-a-kind learning experience that highlights different types of life on earth. If you’re into biology, you’ll love the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum!

  • The Brigham Young University Earth Science Museum, or the BYU Museum of Paleontology, is your chance to see what BYU paleontologists have been digging up! Explore the field jacket of Dr. James A. Jensen and see what his dinosaur fossils his team has discovered!

  • Take a hike on any of the wonderful trails in the area! Here are a few notables: Mount Timpanogos Trail, Squaw Peak Trail, Bridal Veil Falls Trail, “Y” Mountain Trail, and more! Pack your hiking boots and head for the hills for the best way to see the Utah Valley.

  • For the architecture-lover, the Harold B. Lee Library is great free option! Explore the glass-encased library on Brigham Young University’s campus, and you may just get lost in the grandeur!

  • The Provo Pioneer Village is a step back in time to the early days of Provo’s first settlers. Explore the village full of houses and artifacts from the era. Watch as reenactors carry out the daily routine of the earliest inhabitants of Provo.

Many Great Activities Just Minutes From the Best Place to Stay in Provo

When you’re planning your next trip to the Provo area, you definitely want to sprinkle in some of these free activities. Not only do they enrich your time here, but they don’t cost a thing! And, to round out your vacation plan, download the free Vacation Guide from historic Hines Mansion. It’s full of the best things to do in Provo, both free and paid. Whenever you’re ready to reserve your next visit, browse our beautiful rooms! We are eager to accommodate you, so contact us today to book your stay!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Think You are able to Escape in Time at GetOut Games?

A new trend has overtaken Provo, UT, just as it has in many other cities throughout the country. GetOut Games are the first of their kind to Provo. The live entertainment, escape act is available for you, your friends, coworkers, or family to try. Beat the clock by solving the mystery to claim serious bragging rights. 

Are you looking fo the most incredible experiences in the Provo area? Find out more about all the fun things to do near Hines Mansion when you download our free Vacation Guide. It's full of the best recommendations for things to see and do like escaping GetOut Games in Provo.

You’re On the Clock at GetOut Games

Live escape rooms are gaining popularity nationwide, making GetOut Games one of the most thrilling things to do in Provo. The refreshing new concept, known as “live escape rooms,” combines adventure with puzzles, mystery, and teamwork. Teams have 60 minutes to work together to escape. Codes, secrets, and even zombies will help you decipher the mystery to escape the room.

Groups from two to 16 can join in on the fun and try their hand at cracking the code. It's the perfect birthday party, youth group gathering, work function, first date, and more!

Important Information for You to Know

GetOut Games has different rooms for you and your group to try. Each room features different storylines and mysteries to solve. Here are a couple of examples.

  • Provo Heist is your chance to take back stolen gold from the vault of Crazy Coz. Solve the mystery to crack the vault and make your way out in under 60 minutes!

  • Romnehnatun’s Tomb will frighten you with the curse of a mummy. Can you beat it? Touch the wrong artifact and you’ll join the mummy in the afterlife.

  • The Reactor Room takes you through a nuclear-level mystery. Decode the clues to find the code to get out!

  • The Zombie on a Chain room will terrify you! Sharing the room with an undead zombie on a chain, you must solve the outbreak puzzle to escape the room.

GetOut Games is open Monday through Saturday. The cost varies depending on group size, ranging from $14 to $20 per person. Call ahead to book or go to their website for booking. Be sure to check ahead to make sure your group is of the right size because some of the rooms require a minimum number of people to participate. Located at 283 N University Ave. in Provo, you can call ahead to reserve your spot at (801)810-7264.  Parking is also available on the street just in front and to the north side. There is also parking available in the corner lot to the north of GetOut Games weekday nights after 5 p.m. and on Saturdays.

Escape Your Daily Life and Relax With Us

GetOut Games is just one of the many great things to do in Provo. So, when you're worn out from a day of codebreaking and outrunning zombies, come kick off your shoes at Hines Mansion! You’ll be sure to find the best Provo has to offer in the rooms and services we provide. So, let us guide you to great places to eat, shop, and relax. And, when you're looking for more incredible experience in the area, download our Vacation Guide!

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

What Makes Ruby River Steakhouse in Provo the Best Steak?

When you’re craving a thick, juicy steak, is there really any better place in Utah than Ruby River Steakhouse in Provo? The Utahn steakhouse offers only the best steaks in the state cooked to perfection, exactly as you want it. There are many great restaurants in the area, but Ruby River Steakhouse in Provo tops the list. Here’s what makes their steaks the best in Utah.

Are you looking for the most incredible experiences, dining or otherwise, in the Provo area? Then, you’ve come to the right place! Here at the historic Hines Mansion, we consider ourselves experts on everything Provo. So, download our free Vacation Guide today and see for yourself the amazing opportunities for adventure in Provo!

Things to Love at Ruby River Steakhouse in Provo

The best steak in Utah finds its home right here in Provo. It’s not just a name they give themselves, either. The honor has been repeatedly bestowed by City Search, City Weekly, and Best of State! These steaks aren’t one-hit wonders, they’re the legitimate top steaks. If that isn’t enough to make your mouth start watering, then you either have never had a good steak or you don’t like steak. Either way, there’s something revolutionary for you to try here. Everything from their famous steaks to fall-off-the-bone ribs to chicken to seafood. You’ve got to stop here during your time in Provo.

So, What Should You Order?

For Starters…

  • Bill Cody Wings arrive as a one-pound pile of their famous wings served with blue cheese and carrot sticks. Perfect to share or wolf down on your own!

  • Ruby Poppers are fully ripe, red jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese and deep-fried, served with sweet jalapeño jelly.

  • Build Your Own Sampler with an assortment of what you and your group can’t decide on! Choose three of almost every appetizer on the menu.


  • Baby Back Ribs, half rack or full rack, will have you and everyone else around you drooling. Smothered in BBQ sauce, these fall-off-the-bone ribs are a surefire winner.

  • Honey Garlic Chicken drenched in house-made honey garlic sauce rests deliciously atop a heap of garlic mashed potatoes.

  • Salmon done a handful of different ways makes for a great choice when you want something lighter. Try their Grilled Salmon, BBQ Peppered Salmon, Salmon Oscar, or Avocado Lime Salmon.

Award-Winning Steaks...

  • 20 oz. Bone-in New York Strip. That’s all the description it needs, right? Their most flavorful cut of steak cooked at 1600 degrees and glazed with garlic butter. You can also order it topped with gorgonzola cheese.

  • Peppered Bacon Sirloin is an award-winning aged sirloin wrapped in bacon and peppered. The finishing touch is a glaze of garlic butter.

  • Prime Rib at a steakhouse means great prime rib. Pick your size, 10 oz, 12 oz. 16 oz. or 20 oz. and enjoy the labor of love that is a slow-roasted prime rib dinner.

Bring that Foodbaby Home to the Most Comfortable Place to Stay

When you’re yawning and stretching because of how much amazing steak you ate after a trip to Ruby River Steakhouse in Provo, you’ve got to come relax with us. Here at Hines Mansion, our rooms, beds, chairs, floors, or wherever you choose to collapse, are the perfect places to recuperate. So, when you’re planning your next trip to Provo, check out our available rooms! You’ll love the comfort and amenities we offer. And, our breakfast is unmatched! Contact us today to book your stay. And, if you need more ideas for things to do in the area, download our free Vacation Guide!