Monday, December 31, 2018

8 Winter Activities to do in Utah County Besides Ski

Winter is officially here but that doesn't mean you are limited to skiing and snowboarding. Utah is one of the friendliest states and has many developing areas. There are lots of different options for entertainment and adventure even if you're not a skier. Here are some activities to try while you're in Utah County:

Bird Watching

A great, relaxing activity, bird watching in Utah offers sightings like the Anna’s Hummingbird and White Ibis. To help you get started, visit Tracy Aviary at Liberty Park or a hike around the Bear River visitor center. Or you can go on a mountain biking adventure to spot Desert Bighorn Sheep in Utah Valley.

Art Galleries

Utah County has plenty of art galleries for every taste. The Utah Museum of Contemporary Art is a great stop and asks for donations rather than an admission fee. This museum even arranges stroller tours for those traveling with small children. And give the Kimball Art Center a try in Park City. Their rotating exhibits will awe and inspire you.

Visit Temple Square

Even if you are not religious, your visit to Utah is not complete without visiting Temple Square. Considered home to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Temple Square has several structures, the most notable being the Salt Lake Temple. There are visitors centers, beautiful grounds, and awesome views of the city. Before leaving, do not miss your chance to visit the dome-shaped tabernacle, where you can listen to the 360-member Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The tabernacle also has an organ made of over 11,000 pipes.

Jump in a Hot Spring

The extreme pleasure derived from visiting the beautiful locales of Utah can be amplified by jumping in the many hot springs. Every tourist, local or foreign, should try them to resurrect their inner nomads. One of the hot springs to try is the Crystal Hot Springs. It is open from noon to 10 pm, Monday to Thursday. If you come here on Friday, it is open from 10 am to 11 pm. It has waterslides that are accessible daily, except on Mondays. Other hot springs you can go to would include the Fifth Water in Diamond Fork Canyon and the Saratoga Springs in Lehi.

Off-road Riding

Do you love riding ATVs or 4x4s? If you do, then Utah has plenty of places where you can go off-roading in the winter. One great place to try is the Knolls Recreation Area situated in the east part of Wendover. If you are in southern Utah, go to Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park and experience the shifting sea of red sand. It has areas for non-motorized adventures and ATV enthusiasts.

Dog Sledding

If you have not tried dog sledding yet, you should! You can take your special animal on a dog sledding adventure. One of the best places to do so is All Seasons Adventures. Only 15 minutes away from Park City, a team of huskies will help you glide through the meadows covered with snow. It offers both tailored family or group outings. Your kids will love the friendly sled dogs who primarily come from rescue shelters.


Are you ready for outdoor fun in the snow while sliding down the mountain without a snowboard or skis? Well, Utah County has got you covered. Jolley’s Ranch, for example, showcases groomed tubing grounds for only $2. Rock Canyon Park, on the other hand, has no fee and is a longtime local favorite spot. Or go and visit the Peteetneet Academy. It has some well-worn paths that allow you to slide down without tubes or sleds. The Soldier Hollow Nordic Center provides the longest tubing paths. It was the venue for the cross-country skiing events during the 2002 Olympic Games.


You may think it is weird to swim in the winter but Utah County has various fine indoor pools that include water slides and lazy rivers. You can go to Dimple Dell Fitness and Recreation Center in Sandy, Gene Fullmer Fitness & Recreation Center in West Jordan, or Marv Jenson Recreation Center in South Jordan. Swimming will keep you in shape and provide lots of family fun during the holiday season. The indoor pools of the Salt Lake City Sports Complex and the Steiner West Pool will give you the motivation to swim despite the cold weather.

Instead of staying indoors this winter, Utah County gives you lots of excuses to get outside! No matter where you're staying, Utah has plenty of affordable entertainment and adventures nearby.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

8 Christmas Events Worth Checking Out in Utah County

Christmas is approaching fast. The holiday that everyone looks forward to each year. The celebration connotes sharing and loving. It's hard to believe that we are just a couple of weeks away from enjoying this incredible festival. From Christmas celebrations to presentations, Utah County is home to a lot of fun winter events.

Here are eight Christmas Events worth checking out in Utah County:

1. Christmas Eve Luminaries in Alpine

Lighting up luminaries on Christmas Eve is one of the traditional Christmas events in the neighborhood of Alpine. Lighting the luminaries would give you the unique experience of a quiet Christmas. People purchase these luminaries for the benefit of various charity groups in the state.

2. Christmas in Color in Salt Lake City

During every Christmas season, Salt Lake City decorates their streets and highways with beautiful Christmas lights. Even tunnels get lighting illustrations with beautiful colors of the season. The lights are sync to the holiday music that you usually hear over the radios. You will drive through the gorgeous pathways designed with giant candy canes and snowmen. Be ready to be amazed by the beautiful Christmas experience, and you will feel like you are in another world

3. University Place Live Nativity

The live nativity is held every December at the University Place mall in Orem. The event will depict the birth of Jesus. Actors dress like the native people of Jerusalem with the Wise Men and their treasures. Besides this, drinks are free to those who come and witness the event. It can be a bit cold during this time, six to nine in the evening, so make sure to dress appropriately. Then leave the event with a mug of hot chocolate to help you feel warm.

4. Victorian Christmas Celebration at Pioneer Village

During this time, Provo village will be open for everyone to celebrate Christmas with them in a Victorian way. The town opens every two days in December each year. There will be singing, square dancing, and much more. The village also offers light refreshments for everyone. Gifts are also available in the area for purchase. Before leaving, attendees are suggested to drop two dollars each or ten dollars per family as a donation. Not that bad for an event that you will surely enjoy

5. Highland Christmas Craft Day

Kids are invited together with their parents to create various crafts and Christmas decorations. The city event coordinators will provide materials. After the craft making, there will be kid’s time to meet Santa Claus, where they can sit on his lap and share stories with him. The event will run from ten in the morning to noon every Saturday of December. The annual event aims to provide kids with the fun making crafts and get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

6. Alpine Living Nativity

Alpine Living Nativity is an annual charity event to help people remember why they need to celebrate Christmas. It usually runs for one weekend at the start of December. Above all, it is a family-friendly event which provides free hot chocolate offered at the end of the event to warm up the guests. The event starts with orientation at the hillside. Then you can walk through the Jerusalem set up, the area where there are live animals, and there will be Wise Men too. Before you leave the area, you will hear a small brass band playing hymns gently.

7. Peteetneet Santa Dash

Payson’s 1-mile Santa Dash is an annual event with runners wearing their Santa hats on the trail. Payson coordinators usually provide free Santa hats for the first 100 participants. After doing the Santa Dash, there will be the lighting of Peteetneet Museum, and there is singing of Christmas songs. Families come together to experience the fascinating lights which have unique designs every year; and enjoy the lovely melody of Christmas music.

8. Enchanted Christmas Festival

The enchanted Christmas Festival occurs every 15th of December at the Pleasant Grove Community Center. There will be cooking projects and games for kids. Each kid will have the opportunity to meet Santa and bring home books and goodies. It is projected particularly for children ages two to six. The Enchanted Christmas Festival will run from ten in the morning to two o’clock in the afternoon.

Every day can be a chance to book a trip and have a vacation. However, vacationing during the Christmas season is a uniquely pleasant experience in Utah County. It will be a surreal moment that you can share with the family. Utah is known for its family-friendly events and attractions. Experience Christmas in Utah and enjoy these fantastic events with your family.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

10 Top-Rated Ski Resorts in Utah

Looking for a place that has some of the best ski resorts? Well, Utah should be your first choice. The winter events, ski resorts, and besides all these, the essence and extent of Utah's snow! Simply incredible. All it means that you indeed can enjoy the ski holiday of your dreams.
Utah is known for incredible mountain ranges and many acres of skiable territory. If you are looking for deep powder snow and downhill terrain parks, you must come to Utah. The state has resorts that are intended and designed only for skiers.

Here, you can do numerous activities that suit all age groups. Don't forget to bring your kids to create beautiful memories that will last forever. Visualize an endless skiable terrain. Book your flight for Utah and experience sliding in the snow.

Here is the list of 10 top-rated ski resorts in Utah that you can visit for a fantastic winter experience. If apr├Ęs cocktails, lavish meals, and neck-deep powder are some of your top priorities; then you must keep the following resorts on your radar.

1. Solitude Mountain Resort 

First of all, this resort runs more on local guests than vacationers. It is a quiet place, as the name suggests. The Solitude resort has two base areas. The main base for day trippers can be accessed through Entry 1 with the parking area and lodges. The Entry two, which is the second base, is the location of the village area and condos.

Since most of the guests are locals, there is no slopeside restaurant or facility. But if you want to have a meal, restaurants are just a few meters away from the hill on the village streets. However, parking at the Entry 2 is limited.

As for the accommodation, there are hotels, condos, and townhouses that are being managed by Solitude Hotel. You can get a room from these choices.

2. Brighton Resort

The resort is a 45-minute ride from Salt Lake City. Brighton offers more on skiing and boarding. Brighton is the place that provides a beautiful moment on the mountain. It has 1000 acres of skiable terrain. As a result, the site is useful if you are looking for groomed runs.

Even the advanced skiers can find plenty of ungroomed runs in at Brighton. Kids younger than ten years old can ski freely in the resort. And if you prefer to ski at night, that is also available.

3. Powder Mountain

Powder Mountain is just an hour travel north of Salt Lake City. They have the full range of options in skiing, and this includes the backcountry terrain and cat skiing. The resort is the most significant ski hill in North America with 8,464 acres. Powder Mountain has great powder hounds and natural snow which will give you a remarkable skiing experience.

As for the accommodations, you can get your room from the Ogden Valley. It is a quiet and idyllic place. They are different condos and valley rentals that you can choose from. Even more, the valley also offers lodges near the slopes which are budget stay.

4. Snowbasin Resort

Snowbasin is the oldest running ski resort in the state. It also hosted skiing events like the Winter Olympics. They are known for details like expensive bathrooms complete with chandeliers so make sure to indulge. The resort also offers Snowbasin gondolas that provides you with a fantastic ride. The Allen Peak Trams can carry 15 rider and skiers, which accesses the legendary Olympic downhill.

There are dining areas and restaurants at the top of the mountain where you and your family can enjoy after the beautiful skiing experience. There are also shuttle services that run continuously on the valley floor from Earl’s Lodge.

5. Alta Ski Area

Located near the top of Utah’s best canyon, Alta is one of the best skiing spots in the state. Even riders leave their boards at home and experience the 2,200 acres of the resorts’ renowned slopes with 116 runs. People usually come to Alta to have a great skiing experience, and it is just 45 minutes travel from the SLC airport.

The resort is family-friendly and affordable. Alta has locally owned shops and restaurants which happen to be some of guests favorites. Locals also gather at Alta for the ski-after-3pm-deal.

The resort has lodging houses like Alta Lodge and Alta Chalets which also has access to the skiing area. These two accommodations allow you to experience skiing with confidence that you can rest anytime in the lodge.

6. Snowbird

Certainly, this resort has the most extended skiing season in Utah. It opens before Thanksgiving and can last until Memorial Day. It is the nearest resort to the SLC airport. If you ski in Snowbird, you also have to see the slopes of Mineral Basin.

The resort also provides tracks for beginners. So if you haven’t tried skiing, but you want to, go for Snowbird. The resort patrol is also around to assist in case you need some guidance.

Snowbird also offers spas and hot tubs for you to dip in and relax. Down the canyon is Salt Lake City wherein you can get a room for the night. The city has 159 hotels you can choose from.

7. Deer Valley Resort

Deer Valley is one of the most famous luxury resorts in Utah. The resort is popular for its excellent customer service. They go around checking on guests, making sure they are available when needed.
In skiing, you can have your starting point from the curbside ski valet of the resort, head to Silver Lake Express and you follow the trail to the Steering Express quad at the base. Moreover, there are also more challenges to advance skiers.

You can also follow the path of an Olympian during the Olympic games in 2012. As for dining and lodging, you can get a room from any hotel anywhere in the area. From budget hotel rooms to the luxurious ones, everything is available.

8. Park City Mountain

Park City has earned its reputation as sophisticated and world-class terrain parks. Ski Magazine even ranked it as the most accessible resort. You can explore multiple local restaurants, shopping areas, and spas from the Canyon Village side. It is probably the best thing to mention about this resort.

Additionally, the resort has The Orange Bubble Express, which you can ride and while overlooking to the white hills surrounding the resort. While in the resort, you can expect plenty of family-friendly cruises. One of the edges Park City has over other resorts in Utah is the town of Park City which is at the base.

9. Sundance Mountain Resort

You can reach Sundance from Salt Lake City by car, which is half an hour drive from Provo. The resort is simple in appearance with wooden and log-style cabins and restaurants. Aside from skiing, the resort offers beautiful scenery. The hill intended for skiing is smaller, with 450 acres and 42 runs.

10. Park Plaza Resort

If you compare Park Plaza Resort with other ski resorts available in North America, you will conclude that this resort can offer you more snow. Besides this, one thing that defines this resort is the powder, which is incredible.

You can locate a few lodges nearby, right at the bottom of Park Plaza’s passages. All of them offer a wide range of overnight services that include dining packages, too. However, this place might appear isolated to people who like shopping and nightlife accompanying their skiing love.