Wednesday, November 29, 2017

You'll Love Hiking Buckley Mountain Outside of Provo

Many hikers find the Wasatch Mountains to be the perfect challenge adorned with complimentary views worthy of a photograph or two. Buckley Mountain may be one with which you’re familiar, but it should certainly be on your list of mountains to hike outside of Provo nonetheless. Here, we’ll profile Buckley Mountain and a few other hikes we think you’ll enjoy. Happy hiking!

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Take This Trail For a Challenge Up Buckley Mountain

Buckley Mountain has a few trails heading up its 9,511-foot peak, but this one is a decent challenge for any hiker who wants to be tested. Head up the trail from Slate Canyon where there are a bathroom and parking lot, roughly 10 minutes Provo Center Street Exit on Highway I-15. Here are some directions to help point you onto the right path:

  • Start up the trail in Slate Canyon for three miles.

  • Take a left at the fork and continue up the trail until you see two signposts.

  • Follow the signpost for Forest Road 027.

  • The narrow trail leads you through the forest for about one mile.

  • You’ll come upon Squaw Peak Road and continue South for 2.5 miles.

  • After this, you’ll reach a parking lot, from which you’ll bushwhack the rest of the way up the mountain.

  • Upon reaching the peak, get your camera out and enjoy the view!

Other Trails You’ll Love

Mount Timpanogos Trail from Aspen Grove

Take this gorgeous trail from the Aspen Grove trailhead and climb 7,000 feet to the exhilarating peak. This hike is a steep one, and it is rated as hard and not recommended for a novice hiker.

Squaw Peak Trail

The Squaw Peak Trail is one of the most popular trails in the area with dramatic rock faces and a hike through a wooded hillside. You’ll see incredible views of Squaw Peak. This hike, in particular, is gorgeous during the fall after the aspens have turned bright gold.

Bridal Veil Falls Trail

This easy trail features the 607-foot double-cataract waterfall, Bridal Veil Falls. The gentle gradient gains only 150 feet over 1.3 miles, and it’s only a short way out of town. You’ll love the view, and you can bring your dog!

The “Y” Mountain Trail

The “Y” Trail is a paved trail going up Y Mountain. You’ll find that it’s well-lit and that it’s very popular with college students. Savor the wonderful views of the Provo area and Utah Lake.

Rock Canyon Trail

The out-and-back trail is one of the more popular trails in the area. It’s a moderate hike at about 5.6 miles. There is an elevation change of 1,630 feet, so you’ll work up a sweat. The trail is open year-round and is dog-friendly. So, this trail makes a nice moderate trek for any hiker.

Buffalo Peak Trail

This short hike is only about one-mile roundtrip, making it the perfect family hike. It’s a popular hike for young families as it is well-marked and not too difficult. There is one overlook with gorgeous views and a relatively easy summit.

Kick Off Your Hiking Boots

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

These Museums in Provo Will Fill You With Wonder

History is all around the Provo area. So, if you’re looking for the best museums in Provo, then look no further! Consider this to be your definitive guide to the best museums in the area. Whether you seek museums of art, culture, people, science, or paleontology, the museums in Provo, UT, have something for everyone.

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The Best Museums in Provo

BYU Museum of Peoples & Cultures

The BYU Museum of Peoples & Cultures provides archaeological, ethnographic, and anthropological collections to the academic mission of BYU. This museum features the lifestyles, religions, arts, and traditions of various people groups from all over the world both past and present. Get directions here

BYU Earth Science Museum

The BYU Earth Science Museum prepares, displays, and houses the dinosaur fossils and rock specimens collected by Dr. James Jensen. Here you can view fossils collected from Utah, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado. Get directions here.

Museum of Art at BYU

The Museum of Art at BYU is one of the best-attended art museums in the West because it offers a fascinating exhibit schedule of permanent displays, traveling shows, and curator-organized exhibits. The four-story museum boasts 102,000 square feet of exhibits, theaters, classrooms, and a gift shop. Get directions here.

Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum at BYU

The Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum at BYU boasts an incredible array of vascular and non-vascular plants and vertebrate and invertebrate animals. You’ll see everything from an elephant to peacocks to gazelles and cheetahs. The best part about this museum? It’s free. Get directions here.

Springville Museum of Art

The Springville Museum of Art is a visual fine arts museum dedicated to refining minds and building character through the arts. The museum is the first of its kind in Utah and brings over 15 exhibitions per year to the area. Here you can check out authentic Utah art, realist artwork, and American art. Get directions here.

Crandall Historical Printing Museum

The Crandall Historical Printing Museum is a one-of-a-kind place that offers an inside look at the history of the printing press. It features both replicas and authentic printing presses from important printing eras including the Gutenberg Press, the English Common Press, and the Acorn Hand Press. Get directions here.

The Historic Hines Mansion is the Perfect Fit

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Monday, November 20, 2017

Why You've Got to Visit Bridal Veil Falls in Utah

The Provo, UT, area is surrounded by vast, beautiful mountains, making for gorgeous landscapes and great opportunities to experience nature. Bridal Veil Falls in Utah is a prime example of the natural beauty you’ll encounter near Provo. Just up Highway 189, you’ll find Bridal Veil Falls Park and its vast recreation area. It’s the perfect place to spend an afternoon or pack a picnic! But, there’s more than just the park. Here’s how you can have a wonderful time at Bridal Veil Falls in Utah.

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Bridal Veil Falls in Utah Makes a Great Day Trip from Provo

When you set out from Provo toward Bridal Veil Falls in Utah, you’ll head off into the mountains. Soon enough, you’ll come up Highway 189 and upon the canyon and toward the falls. There are plenty of large, mature trees for a picnic, and a lot of space to throw around a football or frisbee. The park is a great place to hang out on a nice day and enjoy the outdoors. Then, take the Bridal Veil Falls trail to the beautiful, natural waterfall. The 607-foot, double-cataract waterfall can be found at the southern end of Provo Canyon. And, the gentle, 1.3-miles trail gains only 150 feet in elevation as you trek it. It’s an out-and-back trail leading you right to the beautiful falls. The sheer beauty of the falls may be the highlight of your trip!

Other Details

If you want to bring Fido with you, go for it! The trail is dog-friendly as long as he/she is on a leash. It’s a great way to get the whole family outdoors and is even handicap accessible. So, come check out the views and the gorgeous waterfall! It’s a heavily-trafficked trail, so don’t feel stress that you’ll be the only person/people out there at any time. The Bridal Veil Falls trail is a hiker’s favorite from April until October.

So Much to Do Near Provo

There’s plenty of great outdoor activities just outside of Provo, UT! While you’re out, go check out Provo Peak. You’ll be amazed at what you can see from the mountain that’s accessible by car! At 11,068 feet, you can see for miles and miles! Don't forget to bring your camera, too! There are some seriously beautiful photo-worthy views to behold!

Relax After Your Hike

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

7 Things You'll Find at the Provo City Center Temple

Temples are some of the most important man-made structures to cultures all around the world. The Provo City Center Temple in Provo, UT, is no exception. This bastion of the Mormon faith serves the surrounding area as a center for religious study, worship, culture, and fellowship. Disaster struck in 2010 when a fire razed the Provo Tabernacle. However, the temple was rebuilt and dedicated in March of 2016. There are many reasons you should take a visit to the Provo City Center Temple! Here, we'll talk about seven things you'll find there!

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7 Things to See at the Provo City Center Temple

The temple in Provo sits on the horizon like a castle. The gleaming spires accent the brick facade making for one of the most beautiful architectural points of interest. So, why explore it? 

  1. The exterior looks like something out of a fairy tale. With its spires and elaborate brickwork, the intricate details will amaze you. You may even see the golden angel that sits atop the central spire from afar.

  2. The Provo City Center Temple interior reflects a Victorian influence. From the intricate wooden spiral staircases to the carved stone baptistry, you’ll be taken aback by the amount of detail.

  3. The chandeliers in the temple will wow you. Huge chandeliers adorn the ceilings, descending halfway into the room.

  4. The stained glass in virtually every window will mystify you with beauty. Sure, stained glass is in many churches, but to truly appreciate it you must get up close. It takes an expert artisan to make stained glass. And, stained glass of this quality is considered artwork.

  5. The pulpit in the chapel is an intricate, hand-carved survivor of the 2010 Provo Tabernacle fire. The fact that a wooden pulpit would survive a devastating fire is something that some have called “miraculous.”

  6. The grounds surrounding the temple are meticulously kept and highlight the temple with fountains, statues, flowers, and even a gazebo.

  7. The baptistry is a work of art. Seven statues of oxen support the polished marble baptismal. It’s a wonder to look at!

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Friday, November 3, 2017

Did You Know Provo is One of the Most Romantic Getaways in Utah?

With the starry skies, dramatic horizons, rich culture, and burgeoning culinary scene there’s one place in Utah that’s perfect for an escape. Did you know that Provo is one of the most romantic getaways in Utah? There’s so much to discover here for you and your special someone. So, let us guide you to a wonderful time. Here are a few ways to plan one of the most romantic getaways in Utah!

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Plan One of the Best Romantic Getaways in Utah

Enjoy the Great Outdoors Together

The area surrounding Provo hosts some truly amazing experiences you won’t want to skip during a romantic getaway. All around the Utah Valley, the Wasatch Mountains, like Provo Peak, surround you and your visit. A popular choice is to hike these mountains with trails of all difficulties presenting a variety of challenges. You’ll find some truly amazing views to enjoy together. If you’re the adrenaline junkie type of couple, then perhaps local zipline adventures are a fun idea, as well! You’ll also want to consider the Sundance Moonlight Ride for a romantic evening out under the stars.

Savor a Night Shopping and Dining

There are many great options for both shopping and dining in the Utah Valley. Find one of the best shopping experiences at the Shops at Riverwoods. And, for a memorable meal, the burgeoning culinary scene in Provo is noteworthy. You’ll find the pasta of your dreams amidst the Italian scene in Provo. There are also some great places to get a steak, too. No matter where you choose, you’ll have a night to remember!

Relax at a Beautiful Bed & Breakfast

One of the romantic ways to win your significant other’s heart is to dive into the sentimental charm of a bed and breakfast. Hines Mansion offers just that with their romantic amenities, spacious rooms, jetted tubs, gourmet breakfast, and, most importantly, peace and quiet. Couples who stay at Hines Mansion will tell you that the comfortable luxury there is the perfect way to enjoy one of the best romantic getaways in Utah.

Romance Has Never Been This Easy

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