Monday, September 16, 2019

The Top 8 Festive Fall Events in Utah!

The Top 8 Festive Fall Events in Utah blog cover image

Fall has come, and the air is cool. Spooks are abounding, and leaves are turning a plethora of wonderous and festive colors. Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s time to get out in the world and enjoy some of the best fall time events to be found in Utah. Get ready for tasty treats, spooky tricks, and a season bursting with fun for the whole family with our list of the 8 Best Festive Fall Events in Utah! Keep reading now, you don’t want to miss this!

orange and black sign pointing to the corn maze entrance

1. Enjoy the thrills of Cornbelly’s, an adventurous and fun time for the entire family. Cornbelly’s is one-part fair, two-parts corn maze, and a haunted house, all combined with wagon rides, bounce houses, duck races, and more. Adding a bonus to an already grand time is that Cornbelly’s is only one part of the greater experience one can find at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens – a nonprofit farm, garden, and museum in Lehi, Utah. Those traveling in the area, or those just never have made the trip out to the farm, should not miss Cornbelly’s this fall season.

a group of witches enjoying the festivities

2. Find wonder in the Gardner Village WitchFest! Every year, from September 15th to October 31st, visitors to the great state of Utah can head on over to Gardner Village to enjoy a variety of fun witch costumes and puppets flying through the air, a scavenger hunt for the kids, and a fun evening rounded out with some tasty treats at the local bakery at a discount. It’s fun for the whole family, and a great way to welcome to the season of spooks this year. What better way could there be to experience the local flair and life of native Utah this Halloween season?

a red carriage pulled by two black horses

3. Find terror and thrills on a spook-filled Sleepy Hollow Wagon Ride. No Halloween is complete without at least a tale being told of poor old Ichabod Crane and how he lost his head one foggy Halloween night. Well, this year experience the tale yourself as the headless horseman chases you down and haunts your journey. The main attraction might the headless rider of legend, but wagon riders can expect a variety of scary encounters and thrilling moments all throughout the ride, from a variety of different monsters and ghouls to boot. Head on over to Midway, Utah, for the event that runs every weekend up to Halloween.

Jack-o-Lanterns lined up on the shore of the Provo River

4. Float downriver at the Provo River Halloween Cruise. The water is still, the sky is dark, and the banks are filled with the glowing eyes of hundreds of orange Jack-O-Lanterns. It makes for quite the sight, that much we guarantee. And don’t worry about cheap tricks and plastic trinkets making for a disappointing venture, as each pumpkin shining out at you is hand-carved from the real deal . . . one must wonder just how many they go through a season. But that’s not all, as river riders can expect a few additional spooks and events while on their way via a pirate attack and, if you’re lucky, the captain of the barge might even share his tale of woe and sorrow with his crew. The cruise can be found in Provo, Utah, and is geared more toward children and families.

four children smiling in their Halloween costumes

5. Venture out to This Is The Place Heritage Park to enjoy this Halloween season’s Little Haunts event! Little Haunts is hosted in the park itself and offers a wide variety of fall time fun. The staff dresses up in costume, visitors are encouraged to join in and do so too, and kids are welcomed to make their way around the area trick-or-treating to their heart’s delight. While one might go to Little Haunts for the Halloween fun, the park’s other activities are up and running and ready to be experienced as well. Some of the fun that can be had are pony rides, petting zoos, train, and wagon rides, and panning for gold!

a haunted house and bats flying under the full moon

6. Drive on by and enjoy South Salt Lake’s famed Monster Radio! This fun event is part music show and part light show thrills as classic monsters and figures strung up as lights sing along and dance on billboards to the grooves of the beat being played out for audiences. The event runs for about three hours in all, but it’s a come as you please affair, where families should by no means feel stuck or obligated for the long haul. For a relaxing and stress-free time, check out the Monster Radio in South Salt Lake, Utah.

large slides resting on bales of hay

7. Roll out to Jaker’s Jack-O-Lanterns! Jaker’s is tailor-made for family fun with their massive pumpkin patches, corn mazes, spooky alleys and thrills, and giant slides for kids to zip down on. Jaker’s comes complete with tons of other activities to enjoy, some good food too, and all for a low price of $3 per person ages three and up. Jaker’s Jack-O-Lanterns can be found at 400 S 950 W in Springville, Utah.

a wide pathway cut into a cornfield

8. Take a long ride out in the majestic nature of Logan Canyon. While well worth a visit any time of the year, maybe not winter unless you feel fine with being cold, Logan Canyon is a true sight during the fall season. Visitors can expect to see hillsides aflame with red and golden leaved trees, a cool atmosphere perfect for outdoor fun, and perhaps best of all, you’ll have missed the summertime rush and find a more peaceful experience at Logan Canyon than what otherwise might have been found. Logan Canyon can be found out near the Utah State University in northeastern Utah.

Fall really is chock-full of fun and spooky adventures to be had, and there is plenty of that to be had in Utah, that’s for sure. Flee from the Headless Horseman, laugh as witches fly through city streets, and rock out as your favorite monsters dance in the dark to some of the season’s best-themed tunes. All of that and more can be found during this fall season across Utah. Now get on out there to see them all!