Thursday, March 14, 2019

The 9 Best Snowmobiling Spots in Utah Valley

It is no secret that Utah is home to the greatest snow on earth. In addition, it also happens to have perfectly groomed trails, making it a perfect destination for those seeking a memorable snowmobiling adventure.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, or a pro, there are plenty of trails groomed to suit your riding experience. Even while not riding, there are thousands of acres of land to explore while enjoying the epic view of the mountains.

If you are a winter sports fan, make sure to check out the 9 best snowmobiling spots in Utah Valley:

1. Thousand Peaks

With over 60,000 acres of authentic background, Thousand Peaks is no doubt the largest mountain ranch in Utah. You get to enjoy exclusive access to more private terrain than all the other snowmobile companies combined!

Just a few minutes drive from Park City and you will get to explore some of the highest peaks, largest bowls, and the breathtaking views of the mountain tops. Its proximity to Park City also means that you have access to even more recreational activities.

Some of the snowmobile tours you can choose to explore from this spot include Rock Mountain Escape, Alpine Adventure, and the Epic Trip.

2. Cedar Mountain

Cedar Mountain provides snowmobilers with extensive well-marked trails with some of the most stunning scenery in Utah. Explore the more than 160 miles of groomed trails buzzing through pines and aspens while kicking piles of the fluffy snow in your wake.

This snowmobile complex has some of its trails leading to the breathtaking scenic view of Cedar Breaks National Monument.

Some of the trails open for snowmobile use include the High Mountain, Brian Head, Cedar Breaks, Duck Creek, Sage Valley, Lars Fork, Strawberry Point, and the Navajo Lake trails.

3. Skyline Snowmobile Complex

The complex provides access to the Wasatch plateau which makes it a perfect spot to bring a family along. Its trails provide you with access to open riding opportunities rising above 10,000 feet.

Its location in Central Utah also means that you can enjoy generally uncrowded riding conditions with your loved ones.

You can choose to follow the groomed trail or glide through the open fields with plenty of fresh powder, and endless other opportunities.

Skyline Snowmobile Complex has its trails interconnecting with those in the Skyline South Complex and the Scofield Snowmobile Complex to the north.

4. Fish Lake Snowmobile Complex

With elevations close to 11,500 feet, the Fish Lake Snowmobile Complex provides trails with breathtaking winter scenery and access to more enjoyable play areas.

Fish Lake, a natural lake located at an elevation of 8,800 feet, has a maximum depth of 120 feet, and a surface area of approximately 2,600 acres. I would, however, advise you to take with you some extra food and fuel while exploring this spot as the services along its trails are limited.

You can access the complex by using either the Monroe Mountain, Sanledges/Mt. Terrill, or the Gooseberry/Fish lake Trails.

5. Mill Hollow Snowmobile Complex

This snowmobile complex interconnects with the popular Mirror Lake which is only about an hour drive from Salt Lake City. With the two combined, you will have access to more than 150 miles of groomed trails in the Uinta Mountains. Most of its trails have access to plenty of scenery and play areas to enjoy.

However, some of these trails can prove to be very treacherous and it is advisable you stay on the groomed trail or ride with an experienced guide, especially if you are unfamiliar with the area.

Some of the common trails include the Co-op Creek, Nobletts, Wolf Creek, Soapstone, Daniels Loop, and the Strawberry River trails.

6. Logan Canyon Snowmobile Complex

The Logan Canyon Complex has 180 miles of well-groomed trails winding through the Wasatch-Cache National Forest allowing plenty of snowmobiling opportunities to its riders.

You also get to enjoy the plenty of services, scenic views, and plenty of riding opportunities the area has to offer. It is advisable you stick to your designated trails since this is a critical wintering area for wildlife.

The specific trails to this complex include the Temple Canyon, Sinks, Garden City, Amazon, Beaver Creek, Franklin Basin, and the Tony Grove trails.

7. Monte Cristo Snowmobiling

Located just a few miles east of Huntsville, a ride in Monte Cristo will take you through a breathtaking scenic area with views of the Curtis Creek, Ant Flats, and Hardware Ranch.

I would suggest the Curtis Creek/Ant Flat trail as it is flat, well groomed, and with tremendous views of Cache Valley. You will also find several areas along the trail lined up with trees that open up to spacious playing areas. Other popular trails to this complex include the Sinks and the Millie Springs trails.

Snowmobilers are advised to stick on the trails to avoid trespassing onto private properties.

8. Daniel Summit Lounge

These mountains provide a perfect environment – both for guided and unguided rides. The Daniel Summit lounge grooms more than 200 miles of trails ranging from easy family-friendly rides to challenging steep climbs rising close to 10,000 feet.

While at its summit, you get to enjoy a clear view of the valley below before descending back to the trailhead. You can rent your snowmobile from the Lounge’s large fleet of rental machines.

9. Wasatch Mountain Snowmobile Complex

In addition to the 70 miles of well-groomed snowmobile trails, the complex, in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service also offers parking, restrooms, and play areas to its snowmobilers.

It also has a golf course that is closed to snowmobiling, but open to other recreational activities such as country skiing and snowshoeing.

Some of the popular trails to these complex include the Midway Reservoir, Snake Creek, Cummings Parkway, Mill Flat-Tibble Fork, Cascade Springs, and the Mutual Dell/Sundance trails.

Before embarking on any ride, make sure that you check with the local U.S. Forest Service offices for trail guides and travel maps for the areas you seek to explore. If you are unfamiliar with the terrain, you might also consider using a guide to help you.