Monday, February 17, 2020

8 Best Antique Stores in Northern Utah

When people are traveling, they are always on the lookout for a gift to bring home to their families, friends, or significant others. It can be hard to find something that is cool and unique. Who wants to buy a generic item for someone they care about? You're in luck! Utah is a haven for awesome, one-of-a-kind antique stores. These stores are fantastic when it comes to finding something special to give to those back home. There are a lot of them, but here are a few that you absolutely must visit.

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Cat’s Cradle Antiques

Cat’s Cradle Antiques is located in Provo and is a great place to find funky holiday items, antique dolls, and jewelry. They also specialize in decorations for your home, and it is a treasure trove for things you will never see in your friends' houses. The owners are really nice and knowledgeable about all the things they have. They always give fair prices, which is a huge plus. Make sure you check out the upstairs section—it's where they store all of their most valuable and eccentric stuff.

Antique store with lamps, flags, and paintings

Capital City Antique Mall

Capital City Antique Mall is located in Salt Lake City and specializes in furniture and some other home decorations. They have a wide selection of pieces that will bring soul to your house and give it that “homey” feel. The store has a great clock selection, from cuckoos to bronze statue ones. They also have a ton of old typewriters, dial telephones (yes, those were a thing once), and televisions. Check out their table and chair collection from the 50s and 60s!

Fairy House Vintage Antiques & Art 

Located just off 400 North, this adorable little shop is tucked away in a quiet neighborhood. They carry antique books, dishes, and furnishings, including some home-crafted pieces. This little place is worth a visit, and not many people know about it due to its location.

B. Ashworth's Rare Books & Collectibles

Though not technically an antique store, who doesn't love the smell and feel of old books? Located at 55 N University Ave in Provo, this place has books and collectibles to browse through. The age of these things is irreplaceable, and even if you can't afford what's in here, it's worth seeing. Breathing book-laden air probably increases intelligence (although not yet scientifically proven).

Rosebud Antiques

Rosebud Antiques is located in Pleasant Grove, which is about 20 minutes north of Provo. It is in the heart of the downtown area, so it is a great place to stop. They specialize in home d├ęcor at really affordable prices. They have an exceptional collection of gorgeous chandeliers, and who doesn’t need one of these in their house? It is the place to go if you are redecorating or need a remarkable piece to spruce things up.

Decades Vintage Clothing

Decades Vintage Clothing is located in Salt Lake City, and you guessed it, it specializes in vintage clothing. This one is a must for the fashion lover and unconventional dresser. The staff could not be friendlier and will always give you the best advice on what articles of clothing to buy! They have clothes from every decade, so it will definitely be a pleaser for anyone from any generation.  From art-deco dressed to crazy Hawaiian shirts from the 80s, Decades has got you covered! The space is really well organized so it's a breeze to find what you may be looking for.

The Planted Earth Floral

The Planted Earth Floral is located in Orem, just north of Provo. This is the store that has everything you could imagine—you name it, they have it. They carry vintage clothes, jewelry, and an assortment of other antiques. This place is cool because they also specialize in antique beads and flowers. The beads make a great gift, as they come in a variety of wears. Their floral department has been a local favorite for over 40 years, so you know that you can trust them with your arrangements.

Abby’s Antique Mall

Abby’s Antique Mall is located in Ogden, just under 40 miles north of Salt Lake City. This great antique store that has over 30 years of history. The owners traveled around the country collecting a heap of unique items and vintage pieces to put into their store. They also have vendors who come and show of their own goods. You can find so many different things here because of this. They have a parking lot which is RV friendly, so if you are traveling, you have no excuse not to visit Abby’s!

Utah is home to so many different antique stores that it is almost impossible to list them all! The above stores, though, are some of the best that there are and deserve a visit! So if you find yourself in the Beehive State, you have to check out these vintage shops!