Monday, February 3, 2020

7 Romantic places to Visit with your Loved One in the Utah Valley

7 Romantic Places to Visit with Your Loved One in the Utah Valley

From the scenery of watching the sunset over the valley to the great local services and shops available, there are countless things to do that will make your trip together one to remember. When dating or just having a romantic trip together, you want places that are memorable, unique, and beautiful. From bed and breakfasts to cafes, museums, and spas you are sure to find something special to do in the Utah Valley. Compiled here are 7 of the best romantic winter destinations that you can enjoy while visiting Utah while it's cold out.

Orchestra on Noorda stage

1. The Noorda Center for Performing Arts

Any university you visit in the country will have amazing attractions to see. UVU opened a new center for the performing arts offering plays, dance, and musical programs that are sure to wow and amaze. Not only is this facility used for dance and theatrics, but it also regularly hosts the Utah Symphony, which is a great romantic night out for you and your loved one. Located near campus where there are many other things to see within walking distance makes it easy to see a performance at the center and get a great meal or a romantic walk around one of the parks dotting the campus perimeter. The Noorda Center for Performing Arts is truly a great place to go as a couple. Don't miss it!

Victorian chairs and fireplace

2. Hines Mansion and Bed and Breakfast

This historic Victorian home has been retrofitted into a charming bed and breakfast. The Victorian decor of the rooms creates a luxurious, cozy atmosphere sure to kindle (or rekindle) the warm flame of romance. To top it all off, the rooms come fitted with two-person jacuzzis and themed furnishings. The breakfast itself is rated highly by guests, and with its central location to all the amenities of downtown Provo, you need only travel a little way to get to all the exciting things that this community offers. Try something different from the big box hotels! Give this lovely B&B a try.

Taste tables and chairs in dining area

3. Taste

Taste is a great place for a couple to spend a few hours of their day. Offering some of the very best dessert and fine foods, you are sure to find what you are craving here. Walk-in or call ahead to make a reservation. Try the fondue for two and the sampler plates. This is a popular destination for locals as well, and many people will point you in this direction for good fine food. Aside from the food and treats offered, most of their chocolate selection is made in house and they also take special orders.

Arcade game

4. Provo Beach

Want to take a break from the stereotypical romantic flowers, dinners, and such? Try the laser tag at Provo Beach, teaming up as a couple, or going toe to toe with your significant other. For other activities that will release your inner child, try their croquet course, bowling alley, or arcade games. For those more adventurous, try surfing on their indoor flow-rider, or climb through their ropes course. Cap it off with amazing burgers at 7 Brothers Burgers, directly adjoining Provo Beach.

Springville Art Museum

5. Springville Museum of Art

Hosting paintings and other works from local and more recognized artists, the Springville Museum could be a great stop for you and your loved one. The art is inspiring, and architecture is unique. This is a great stop on your trip and easy on your wallet as the entry is entirely free. There are quite a few things to see in the museum, so plan accordingly. Make sure to see their kinetic water sculpture! If you are planning to read in detail every item in the museum, it can take two-plus hours.

Provo City Center Temple

6. Provo City Center Temple

The Provo Tabernacle was built by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1898, and was the center of many cultural events in the past. When the Tabernacle burned down, the Church rebuilt the historic structure, converting it into a temple, a sacred place for members of the faith to worship God and to be married "for time and all eternity." On a romantic trip or date with that special someone, you can walk the beautiful grounds, see the Christus statue in the visitors center, and admire the stunning architecture. Come see this serene oasis in downtown Provo. You'll be glad you did.

7. The Shops at Riverwoods

At the Riverwoods, there are many romantic things to do and see. Sumptuous dining experiences can be found around every corner, from every corner of the world, including Asian, African, Mexican, and Hawaiian themed restaurants. Browse the local shops and boutiques. Plan accordingly, as this venture can take a bit to complete since there is so much to see and to do.

There are many different things that you can do together to make your visit one to remember. Utah Valley offers so much to do that it cannot be summarized; however, this list should give you a few starting points. From there, walk around and see all the small shops and corners that make Utah the vibrant community it is.