Monday, January 20, 2020

Where Art Lovers Need to Go in Utah

Where Art Lovers Need to Go in Utah

There is nothing more an art lover enjoys doing than traveling, taking in all things beautiful that America has to offer. If you are an art lover and are wondering where you want to explore next, Utah offers several exciting collections. Utah is home to many nationally renowned museums and theatres. Here are our top 9 places to visit in Utah if you are an art lover.

man and woman looking at artwork

Art at the Main 

The perfect way to begin any trip is by checking out the local art scene. If you find yourself in Salt Lake City, take a drive over to Art at the Main. Art at the Main is home to dozens of local artists of the Salt Lake area. Nestled in the atrium of the Main Public Library, Art at the Main offers an enchanting experience. Soaring roofs and windows makes the gallery space come to life with light. The Art at the Main is run as a cooperative between Utah artists. Also, if you want to get your hands dirty with your art, presentations and classes are often offered throughout the week. Furthermore, during the holiday season, the art gallery comes alive with a thriving local market where locals sell their art.

The soap factory exterior

The Soap Factory

If you find yourself in Provo, Utah, and are looking for a unique experience, The Soap Factory will do the job. Soap is definitely a unique medium to express artistic talent. The Soap Factory is home to dozens of one of a kind and breathtaking soap bars. Also, if you are feeling adventurous, the Soap Factory can provide ingredients for you to make your own soap work of art.

stone sculptures outside

Gilgal Sculpture Garden 

Nothing is more impressive than working with stone. Sculptors have always been a cornerstone, no pun intended, of the art world. If you find sculptures and other stone artistry enchanting, then the Gilgal Sculpture Garden in Salt Lake City was made for you. Nestled in the middle of a city park, Gilgal Sculpture Garden contains twelve iconic sculptures. The Gilgal Sculpture Garden was created in the mid-20th century by the photographer Thomas Child. Child wanted to create an art installation that encouraged the patron to work with their hands.

Hale Centre Theatre 

If you like a good underdog story, look no further then the Hale Centre Theatre of West Valley (Sandy, UT). When the Hale Centre Theatre opened in 1985, they played there first show to a crowd of only twenty-five audience members. The audio of the show was produced by placing an old cassette player to a microphone. However, these days the Hale Centre Theatre is a world-class theatre that hosts award-winning shows. Also, the Hale Centre Theatre is considered one of the most state-of-the-art theatres in the United States. A unique theatre in the round, its twelve-month production schedule offers shows any time that you visit.

Ralphael Plescia’s Christian School

It wouldn’t be Salt Lake City without some unusual places to go. If you enjoy your art on the weird side, you will enjoy Ralphael Plescia’s Christian School offerings. For over fifty years, Ralph Plescia has been fascinated by the more unusual stories found in the Bible. He then takes the inspiration from the Bible to carve weird and sometimes frightening sculptures into the walls of the school. People from all over the country have traveled to see the haunting stonework in the hallways of this historic school. You may only attend a tour every Friday or Sunday. However, if you are desperate to see the school, Mr. Plescia will be more then happy to set up an appointment.

McMillen Fine Art Photography Gallery

Park City, Utah, is home to one of the most impressive photography galleries in America. The McMillen Fine Art Photography Gallery specializes in nature photography. With the breathtaking landscape photos, you will be taken back to a much simpler time. Also, due to size, the McMillen Fine Art Photography Gallery offers a more intimate experience between the viewer and art.

BYU Museum of Art

As one of the largest art museums in the Mountain West, this museum has held past exhibits of artists like M.C. Escher, Carl Bloch, and Norman Rockwell. It is a four-story building that is over 100,000 square feet, designed by architect James Langenheim. This inspiring place has a mission statement that says it all: "We hope your experience in the Museum will nurture a more reflective mind, a capacity for deeper inquiry, a stronger commitment to excellence and integrity, and heightened appreciation for others and their ideas." If you're an art lover in the Provo area, you do not want to miss this. Check out the link to see what exhibits are currently on display.

Anderson Tower Monument 

The Anderson Tower Monument acts as a perfect reminder that sometimes your artistic endeavors may not succeed. Robert Anderson began work on the tower in Salt Lake City in the year 1884. Mr. Anderson was interested in honoring the ancient castles of England and Scotland, and so constructed a replica of the style. At the end of the construction, the tower stood at 54 feet. Unfortunately, the public lost interest in the tower. For this reason, the tower was knocked down in the year 1932. In later years a monument was constructed to symbolize the hard work and inspiration of Robert Anderson. It is important to know that this monument is hard to find, and we would recommend you research a route beforehand.

The Tabernacle 

You can't have a list of things to do in Utah without mentioning The Tabernacle, home to the world-famous Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square (which has been referred to as "America's Choir"). The Tabernacle is a massive cathedral-like building that is built to be so acoustically sensitive, a pin dropped from the pulpit can be heard at the back of the hall. Sunday mornings at 9:30 am the Tabernacle Choir holds their weekly music program "Music and the Spoken Word." Thursday rehearsals are free admission and generally start at 7:30. They perform with mastery that any art lover is sure to find wonderful.

Utah is an excellent getaway to scratch that artistic itch. From museums to historical sights, you will never run out of things to gaze in amazement at. What are your favorite places to visit when you go to Utah?