Monday, December 9, 2019

7 Epic Places to Go Sledding in Utah Valley

7 Epic Places to Go Sledding in Utah Valley blog cover image

Utah is full of winter activities - from the mountain summits to the frozen lakes. Both adults and children can enjoy sledding throughout the winter break. You can use the traditional concave sled, snow tube, sleigh, or opt for a newer method like the snow scooter. While it is easy to grab the top of a garbage bin and head for the nearest ditch, there are many sledding spots in Utah Valley to enjoy. This list is a compilation of 7 epic places to go sledding in Utah Valley.

a wood and metal sled waiting for a rider

1. Tibble Fork Reservoir

Plan for this sledding adventure because this epic spot includes a handful of snowy hills to take your sled down. While the Tibble Fork Reservoir is technically in Provo, Utah, this particular spot is located 17.2 miles north of Provo. There is no groomed, designated sledding hill here, but people who have visited this spot in the past say that there are hills above and below the large parking lot. Most people ride the ridge that follows down the damn, or for more of a thrill, there is a small bowl on the upper hill with a jump. You can spend the day at the lake for free, but the canyon to get to the Reservoir has a toll of $6, so be prepared for that too.

child in a red snow suit sledding down a hill

2. Silver Lake Amphitheater

Open from sunrise to sunset, Silver Lake Amphitheater in Eagle Mountain earns a spot on our list. To find the hills within the Amphitheater, you will need to look for it just off Pony Expressway and Silverlake Parkway. The cost to sled here is free! It would be the perfect opportunity for an impromptu sledding day. The local’s favorite hill is located right in front of the Amphitheater stage. It is large enough to hold a high capacity of people while offering a semi-groomed, moderately steep hill. Other sledding paths provide a stretch of the slope, making it the perfect time for sled races! The Silver Lake Amphitheater is favorite during the rest of the year, and in wintertime, it is no exception.

a mother pulling a small child through the snow on a sled

3. Bicentennial Park

This beautiful park located in Provo will not disappoint. Bicentennial Park offers a wide range of activities during the warmer seasons, but it will not disappoint during winter either. One of the best things about this park is that it is located near a couple of restaurants. So after you're exhausted from a long day of sledding, or you want to take a break, the chance to grab a bite is nearby. Bicentennial Park is a favorite amongst locals due to its tall trees and a little pond. You can find this park at 1400 S 1600 E, Provo. It is next to a residential area as well, so remember to mindful of residents. Bicentennial Park is sure to create lasting memories, so be ready to make a day of it.

two smiling girls on their sleds

4. Cherry Hill Elementary

At Cherry Hill Elementary, you can find beautiful and exhilarating hills to sled. Located in the middle of Orem at 240 E 1800 S, the hills are an excellent spot for little ones and adults. Because of its central location, you can easily have your friends or other family members meet you there or meet new friends while you have fun!

two girls sharing a toboggan as light snow falls

5. Peteetneet Academy

Doubling as a sledding hill and a playground, this epic sledding spot in Utah Valley is a great way to spend the day. The sledding hills are located just next to Peteetneet Academy at 10 N 600 E in Payson and are described as long and sleek. The hills can get busy during weekends, winter break, and holidays so be sure to plan ahead. Even if the hills get busy, it can be beneficial because prior sledders pave the way and pack the snow for a smoother ride. There is no fee to sled down these hills, but bring food, water, and your sled or tube.

a mother and child about to fall off their sled

6. Oak Canyon Junior High

Not your usual sledding spot, but just as amazing as designated sledding hills. Located at 111 S 725 E, Lindon; Oak Canyon Junior High School offers many hills for families to take on. Grab the toboggan and friends for a fun-filled day. Oak Canyon Junior High School is a public space, so the popular winter activity is free to everyone. The hills surrounding the school are perfect for all ages too because they are easy enough to climb back up. Be sure you don’t go during regular school operating hours, as it can be a safety concern for students. When you’re there, don’t forget to take a snapshot of the beautiful mountain view in the background!

7. Rock Canyon Park

A locals’ favorite spot to hit the sledding hills, Rock Canyon Park is full of energy and great times. This is the largest park in Provo and has numerous hills and levels of intensity to choose from. Even if the park looks to be full, rest assured there is still plenty of room for you and your sled! This park is complete with an assortment of amenities including bathrooms, and playgrounds. With plenty of parking options and no entrance fee; Rock Canyon Park has earned itself the number one spot with locals.

As with any winter activity, be sure you prepare yourself by packing warm clothes and extra blankets, gloves, hats, etc. Check the weather and road conditions as well; safety is a number one priority. Once you know you’re prepared, get ready to head to one of these 7 epic spots to go sledding in Utah Valley and create many winter memories.