Monday, December 16, 2019

6 Beautiful Trails to Snowmobile in Wasatch Mountain State Park

6 Beautiful Trails to Snowmobile in Wasatch Mountain State Park blog cover image

It's always amazing when we find hidden gems in our life. Places that will leave you wanting more and with memories to boot. Wasatch Mountain State Park is a hidden gem in Utah that offers not only fun, engaging, and scenic views during warm months but also during the winter. With options like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling, you are sure to have fun and not be disappointed. Within Wasatch Mountain State Park, you can find an arena of trails for snowmobiling or OHV’s. The area that this refers to is called the Wasatch Mountain Snowmobile Complex. Some of the trails include Snake Creek, Midway Reservoir, and Cascade Springs. All of which have different variants that will suit your needs.

Wasatch Mountain State Park is in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service and the Utah Department of Transportation. This is a unique park because it provides excellent entertainment and amenities such as restroom facilities, parking, and over 70 miles of regularly groomed snowmobile trails. The golf course - Wasatch Mountain State Park Golf Course, is open only to snowshoe activity and cross-country skiers during the winter season. You can access the park from the welcome center, which is off the intersection of Snake Creek Canyon Road and Warm Springs Drive. The visitor’s center is open from 8am -5pm Mon-Sun. With all of this in mind, this list is a compilation of 6 beautiful trails to snowmobile in Wasatch Mountain State Park, but you should also check out the rest of the park when you have the time.

solo snowmobile rider watching the sun rise from behind the mountains

1. Mill Flat-Tibble Fork

With picturesque and serene views of Lone Peak and Mount Timpanogos, Mill Flat-Tibble Fork trail offers a 15.7-mile roundtrip trail. While you climb up the groomed trails to the summit, you can expect a few switchbacks and snowdrifts. On your descent from the summit, you will have the opportunity to travel through American Fork and into Tibble Reservoir. Whether you are an experienced snowmobiler or just starting, this trail offers a variety of difficulty levels. However, heed caution as some of the trails incorporates steep hills. Most snowmobilers start their day at the trailhead for Mill Flat trail which is three miles up Snake Creek Canyon Road. You can also access the trail from the American-Tibble Fork side. The camping parking lot of Tibble Fork Reservoir offers three groomed snowmobile trails, including the Mill Flat trail.

snowmobile rider crossing groomed terrain

2. Cascade Springs

The Cascade Springs Trail can also be accessed off the same trailhead located in Tibble Fork Reservoir. This 8-mile trail roundtrip offers various beautiful views while you snowmobile. You can enjoy the farmlands from Charleston, views of Heber Valley, and Deer Creek Reservoir. Along this trail, you will also encounter Soldier’s Hollow Olympic site, which was home to the biathlon competition. Finally, near the junction of Decker Pass, you will be immersed in the Cascade Springs beauty of natural springs that surface and pool throughout the canyon. During the warmer months, Cascade Springs is filled with hikers flocking to the tall waterfall to capture its beauty. This trail holds a strong reputation and is the perfect spot to take your snowmobile for the day.

five snowmobile riders lined up as snow falls

3. Cummings Parkway

Known for be a moderate snowmobile trail, Cummings Parkway still provides numerous opportunities to enjoy the beauty of Wasatch Mountain. Like Cascade Springs, you can view the Heber Valley from the summit of the trail. One of the great things about this trail is that it connects with Mill Flat Trail. This will allow for an extended ride past its designated 8.2-mile trail. While the Cummings Parkway trail is wide and flat, the U.S. Forest Service advises that drifting is highly probable on the ridgeline.

snowboarders watch a snowmobile go by pulling a sled

4. Snake Creek Trail

Designed for snowmobilers of all abilities, Snake Creek Trail can be accessed from Heber Valley to the eastern slopes. The 3.9-mile trail will ascend you past the Wasatch Mountain Golf Course and will intersect with the Mill Flat Trail as well. Snake Creek has access to views of Heber Valley following various switchback trails. Many visitors have reported seeing deer and wild turkeys on this trail, so keep your eyes open! The view from the top of the trail is breathtaking and easy to get to since Snake Creek Trail is open for snowmobilers with all types of experience or skills.

looking down on a snowy forest

5. Little Deer Creek Trail

This is one of the longer trails in the Wasatch Mountains. With 6 easy miles of adventurous fun that goes through the canyon, Little Deer Creek is also one of the only designated campgrounds inside this State Park. This means that once you have had a fun-filled day, you can kick back around the campfire and get back to your more primitive roots. You can also enjoy cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. However, if you want to stick with snowmobiling and want an even longer ride, Trail 3 intersects with Little Deer Creek Trail and is an additional 12 miles. Seeing the canyon and hearing the quiet serenity of the forest, makes this trail a must-ride.

6. Midway Reservoir Trail

The Midway Reservoir Trail is a great place to ride on because it is a little more adventurous than the others. This trail will take you out of Wasatch Mountain State Park campground and up to Pine Creek Canyon, and then to Midway Reservoir. All of this is done in only 4.8-miles. Don’t venture off this trail, or you will enter private property and ungroomed trails. This trail also features a trailhead with amenities but because they are popular, space can be limited.

Snowmobiling is exciting and will leave you with many memories. Why not create those memories in an unforgettable setting? These six beautiful trails to snowmobile in Wasatch Mountain State Park offer the opportunity to grasp those memories. Whether you are seeking high summits with gorgeous views of Heber Valley or you want to wind through switchbacks in the quiet forest, the trails at this park were made for you.