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8 Utah Fourth of July events you don't want to miss

8 Utah Fourth of July events you don't want to miss blog cover image

Freedom is a big deal. We can easily forget the long road that dedicated individuals took to secure the rights of every man, woman, and child in this country. It can be easy to take this for granted but if you want to show your gratitude, there are many different methods.

Think of all the fun, exciting festivals that take place in Utah which celebrate our rights as Americans. Take a moment to appreciate how far our nation has come at one of these 8 freedom festivals you do not want to miss.

guests sitting at round tables in the gala

1. Freedom Awards Gala

The Freedom Awards will honor those who have put human rights and the growth of the country ahead of their own needs. Former honorees include Justice Antonin Scalia of the Supreme Court and police officer Tyler Beddos. The banquet will cost 50 dollars for attendees. This gala always awards those with the most sincere and freedom-related values. It is certainly a night filled with excellent food and even more excellent humanitarians.

Save The Date: July 2nd at 6:30pm
Location: Utah Valley Convention Center, Provo

2. Freedom Days

Freedom Days takes place over the course of three days. Residents and travelers alike fill downtown Provo, indulging in unique eats and browsing local vendors. There is live music, kids activities, and much more. Enjoy the art of locals and make the day a family-fun adventure. You can explore one day or all three, each one will give a variety of live performance and vendors.

Specialties from the region are shown-off, including paintings, jewelry, and many products you will only find in this area. Bring the whole family to this kid-friendly event.

Save The Date: July 2nd-July 4th at 10am until sunset
Location: Center Street, Provo

3. The Freedom Walk

Maybe one of the most eye-opening freedom events in Utah is the Freedom Walk. First, those involved will be paired with an immigrant impersonator for effect, but also have real immigrant information printed for each participant. This will include the name of a real immigrant that went through the process in Ellis Island to join our nation. The first stop is the Second Continental Congress which teaches the point independence needs to be declared, then the next stop is the Constitutional Convention. You guessed it, it is completely about what makes up a Constitution and what principles to base it on.

A great variety of stories are told, titled ‘Cries For Freedom’ and immigrant’s real-life stories and their hunt for freedom by coming to America is told. End the tour with an oath of citizenship. When discussing price, you will want to make a donation, since the foundation puts events on all year, but ultimately it is free to the public.

Save the Date: July 2nd-July 4th All Day
Where: SCERA Center for the Arts, Orem

colorful hot air balloons rising in the blue sky

4. Balloon Fest

Hot air balloons grace the canyons in the Utah Balloon Festival. Games are played from the air between hot air balloon operators. There are 25 balloons showcased and as they take to the sky. The designs vary from traditional bright vertical stripes to whimsical entertainment-inspired designs.

Now, you must rise early for this one, it will only occur in the morning for two hours. It is free for all onlookers.

Save the Date: July 4th-July 6th at 6AM
Where: Bulldog Field, Provo

5. The Grand Parade

For daytime activities, join in at the largest 4th of July parade in Utah and one of the biggest celebrations of the country throughout the States. The floats are made with expertise by professionals, and performances will take to the streets among the giant floats and abnormally large balloons. Each year a prospective 300,000 people surround the parade.

Basic admission is free for the entire family but those who want to enjoy the show from a great vantage point can reserve bleacher seats for only $7.

Save The Date: July 4th at 9 AM
Where: University Avenue and Center Street, Provo

6. Stadium of Fire

Taking place on the Fourth of July, Stadium of Fire will host performances that end with a spectacular fireworks presentation. Country music superstar Kieth Urban is headlining the show this year and will be joined many excellent performers that are not easy to forget. The show will have many patriotic songs, both originals, and covers, so be sure to save your voice to sing along with classics, appreciating our country.

Dependent on where you would like to sit, tickets will range from $35 to $250. Tickets sell out fast, so be sure to grab your seat soon!

Save the Date: July 4th at 8pm
Where: Lavell Edwards Stadium (BYU football stadium), Provo

reenactment actors dressed as British soldiers

7. Colonial Heritage Fest

This blast from the past will interest any history buff. Throughout the Colonial Heritage Festival, there are complete colonial demonstrations which provokes a story-telling nature to real historical events. Spend the day playing colonial games and exploring time-appropriate shops like gunsmiths and blacksmiths. There are canon firings, as well.

This is a free event for any coming to celebrate their freedom on Independence Day.

Save the Date: July 4th- July 6th at 9 AM
Where: SCERA Park, Orem

8. Cries of Freedom

Fallen soldiers are honored by the ‘Walk of Honor,’ in the Cries of Freedom festival. Take a seat and be entertained by “Cries of Freedom the Musical,” which pays tribute to the beginning of our nation. Children will love the animal show and adults will appreciate the creative memorial to those who have risked and given their lives for freedom.

Save the Date: July 4th - July 6th at 10am
Where: SCERA Center for the Arts, Orem

runners taking off from the start of the Freedom Run 5k

Whether you are a Utah native or simply are taking a trip to the great state in July, there are many different events and activities to explore. Break out the red, white, and blue and learn about the Founding Fathers, the Constitution, and an immigrant's journey to citizenship. All while enjoying fantastic foods and entertainment.