Thursday, April 25, 2019

9 Spring Family Activities in Utah County

Spring in Utah County is no doubt accompanied by loads of fun activities. However, if you are looking forward to some family bonding time, you might be interested in exploring family-friendly activities. Below is a list of 9 affordable family activities you can do while in Utah County.

1. Learn about Utah’s History

Utah County is home to the Native American tribes who besides their fascinating culture also happen to be the state’s original habitats. Therefore, it is no secret that Utah’s cultural history is one of a kind and visitors flock there all year round to explore it.

From well-preserved rock art messages in the ancient dwelling sites and sacred places to the free traditional exhibits at the local museums, you are bound to be captivated by Utah County's rich culture. If you are looking for a memorable experience with your loved ones in Utah this spring, make sure you check out these local museums:

  • Provo DUP
  • Lehi Hutchings Museum
  • Lehi Family Search Center
  • Camp Floyd State Park

2. Explore Thanksgiving Point

Thanksgiving Point is a nonprofit garden, farm, and museum complex situated in Lehi, Utah. Initially founded by Alan and his wife Karen in 1995 with the aim of giving back to the community, this spot is now a perfect place to make memories with your family and loved ones.

It has over four different family venues to explore at a relatively cheap price. You can, however, choose to pay $30 (per person) for the Explorer Pass that allows you to visit all their spots in one day.

Of course, there are numerous venues to explore, but if you are looking for an epic spring experience for your family, we would suggest these venues:
  • Farm Country
  • Butterfly Biosphere
  • Museum of Ancient Life
  • Ashton Gardens
  • Museum of Natural Curiosity

3. Hike Your Way through Utah

With springs bursting back to life and terrain being coated with green growth, Utah County presents no better time to explore and document its beauty.

Another reason why you will enjoy hiking Utah in spring is that the weather is just perfect: it is neither too cold nor too hot. You can, therefore, tag your family along without worrying much about dehydration.

Because of its terrain, Utah is home to tons of hikes. However, if you are looking for family-friendly treks, we would suggest these:
  • Dripping Rock
  • American Fork Canyon Nature Trail
  • Battle Creek Falls
  • Buffalo Peak
  • Grotto Falls

4. Explore Utah County Parks

Utah County is home to numerous awesome parks. So if you are looking forward to having some memorable spring moments with your family, we advise you to explore some of its great parks. Most of them have playgrounds where you can have an interactive experience with your little ones.

At the end of the day, you will have not only bonded with them but will have also given them a lifetime memory. We recommend the following playgrounds:
  • Cory Wride Memorial Park (Eagle Mountain)
  • All Together Playground (Orem)
  • Neptune Park (Saratoga Springs)
  • Wines Park (Lehi)
  • North Park (Spanish Fork)
  • Discovery Park (Pleasant Grove)

5. Spend a Family Day at BYU Outdoors Unlimited

Brigham Young University avails numerous recreational opportunities to visitors, students, and the entire Utah Valley community. From mountain biking, rafting, skiing, backpacking, or a day off with your family at the park on Saturdays, you can be guaranteed of an epic experience.

Outdoors Unlimited is open throughout spring from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Saturday but remains closed on Sundays. Below are some of the spots you can choose to explore once at BYU:
  • BYU Botany Pond
  • BYU Bean Museum
  • BYU Museum of Paleontology
  • BYU Museum of Art
  • BYU Museum of People and Cultures
  • BYU Planetarium

6. Go For a Picnic

Generally speaking, Utah County has lots of beautiful places perfect for a family outing. Come spring, the beauty is magnified making the experience uniquely different altogether. Although the complexity and nature may vary, these spots below will guarantee you a great time with your family:
  • Salem Pond (Salem)
  • Highland Glen Park (Highland)
  • Nielson’s Grove Park (Orem)
  • Red Ledges Picnic Area (Spanish Fork)
  • Bicentennial Park (Provo)

7. Take a Drive through Provo Canyon

A drive through Provo Canyon exceeds your simple nature drive. With its breathtaking natural scenes and wildlife, you are assured of a satisfactory experience with your family members.

The deer, elk, and moose sightings are experiences you don’t want to miss. Along your way, you can choose to stop and hike Bridal Veil Falls before heading to the Vivian Park and driving through the South Fork Road to the end as you head home. The experience is simply awesome.

8. Visit the Provo Beach Resort

The Provo Beach Resort has tons of family activities such as bowling, indoor wave machine, miniature croquet, ropes course, arcade games, a carousel, and a toddler town. The wide range of activities ensures that there is fun for everyone, especially for kids. So make sure you tag your little ones along.

The recreational activities are relatively cheap. However, we would recommend you purchase the day pass which gives you day-long access to all activities in the Resort. Explore their official website to acquaint yourself with the offers and activities they have lined up this spring.

9. Indoor Swimming

It sometimes stays cold in Utah, even through April, making outdoor swimming less pleasant. But if you are in for some swimming activities and can hardly wait for summer, we would advise you to try some indoor swimming activities. Check out these spots:
  • Provo Rec Center
  • Lehi Legacy Center

The best thing about family spring activities in Utah County is that they are relatively cheap and less crowded. You can, therefore, be guaranteed of a wholesome family bonding experience within the scope of your budget. Even so, make sure that you plan your activities early in advance so as to make the most of it. Make sure you explore the respective official websites to book your tickets and acquaint yourself with the lined-up activities.