Thursday, September 20, 2018

Fun Halloween Adventures in Utah County

Fall is upon us! What are you planning for your Halloween fun? Do you need an excursion? Yes! What's your Halloween destination this fall? Your family needs a Halloween excursion that doesn’t feature not only spooky, scary, or gory but also a nightmare-inducing Halloween experience. This fall, don't just pick a regular destination, choose one to remember for its super fun family Halloween activities! Visit and enjoy a once in a lifetime Halloween experience in Provo, Utah. Check out all the fantastic family Halloween activities in Provo this year!

Provo, Utah is a fantastic destination for your family Halloween to make new memories this season. The city has an abundance of Halloween activities for the entire family. As you look forward to the cooler Utah weather and magnificent changing leaves to the stunning historic Hines Mansion, it’s time to start preparing your family for an adventure. It doesn't matter if you haven't been to Provo before, every Halloween is spectacular and unique in its own way. Your family will enjoy meeting a friendly ghost, scream and play along Provo streets while enjoying the yummy sweet treats the city is offering. 

Provo weather is crisp. You will be enjoying the gorgeous multi-colored leaves as they crunch under your feet. Everything in Provo is pumpkin spice, apples, and the celebration of the harvest gives that good smell. As you walk along the Lake admiring the surrounding mountain scenery, the fall season is a treat for your senses. By now you will have noticed that Halloween is a serious business in Provo, Utah. The city is beautified with golden, amber, and scarlet hues, welcoming its fall action, spooky goblins, opening Count Dracula’s dark, ancient cave and the shores of the water’s edge for singing Pirates.

Looking for a fun, unforgettable Halloween activity in Provo? Here are 10 events to choose from:

1. Lagoon Frightmares

Wow! Just one of the must-visit Halloween-themed attractions in Provo, UT. Lagoon features dark side terror with seven different Halloween-themed attractions and a park. Lagoon Frightmares is filled with screaming fun, attractions such as rides, events and shows, an assortment of food vendors sprinkled about to make your fall holiday a lifetime experience. Don’t leave the Lagoon Frightmares until you ride the Cannibal roller coaster - the tower of a coaster with speeds of 70mph throwing you into a 116-degree drive. Don’t forget Dracula’s castle where you can grasp the frightening dark cave setting with surprises around every corner.

2. Strangling Brothers

For those looking for some Halloween action, dare to enter the scariest haunted house in Provo. The Strangling Brothers are famously known for their most frightening circus where the freaks come out when lights go out. Strangling Brothers features three equally terrifying attractions: the Haunted Circus, the Zombie Hunt paintball game, and the scary Escape room. The Strangling Brothers story dates back to the 1900's best known for its shadowy circus that travels across the landscape, preying on its victims who can’t help but scream as they run.  The ringmaster is on a quest to recruit new members, focusing on outcasts, freaks, and orphans, they all come together in this scary world.

3. Castle of Chaos

Named one of the best haunted attractions in Utah, every year the castle gets an update with new scares, longer tours, and high-quality sets. It’s filled with scary monsters and hidden dark spots; you’ll run to the end. A visit to the Castle of Chaos leaves a lasting impression.

4. Gardner Village WitchFest

This free adventure is lots of fun for the whole family. You will enjoy seeing funny witches all over the shops. Gardner Village WitchFest has a “Six Hags” Witch Adventure, a 5K witch run, Witches Night Out, and a witch display. Your kids will enjoy the Gardner Village scavenger hunt that involves finding various witches across the Village from September 15 to October 31, and later, check back in for a discounted treat at the bakery. The family can shop around, enjoy the various local foods, spend time at the pony and petting zoos, or even take sewing and knitting classes. The holiday can’t be better with fall spicing stores, colors, and themes bringing kids and parents comfort.

5. Fear Factory

In Salt Lake City, the Fear Factory bus will bring you directly into the factory. People believe it’s a haunted place as Fear Factory began as an old cement warehouse where workers were killed in a freak accident. Ziplining, the breathtaking “Fear Fall”, and Virtual Reality bring you literally into a world of fear.

6. Halloween Cruise

With Halloween-themed riverboats, this family ride is a 20-25 minute adventure floating down the Provo River. Singing pirates stand by along with 100 hand-carved Jack-o-Lanterns. Enjoy themes of “The Headless Horseman” or “The Cremation of Sam McGee” - come along mateys!

7. Heber Valley Halloween Train

Famously known as the Pumpkin Train, is a milder Halloween attraction. It’s a 90-minute train ride featuring seasonal sing-a-longs and costumed characters. With every trip, you get to take home a pumpkin and pumpkin cookies. The community around Provo has been holding on to the precious historical railroad proudly since the 1800's. It will be a memorable train ride in an antique caboose and a coal-heated coach.

8. Haunted Forest

Opening every year on September 16th, the Haunted Forest is known to scare the pants off of people. The forest fright has been running for over 25 years so they know what they're doing! By the end of the Haunted Forest, you will be shrieking and running for your life. The forest is set to bring fear and gruesome creatures you’ll never find anywhere else.

9. Sundance Mountain Resort

From October 20 to 31, you can enjoy miles and miles of stunning views as your family rides the Sundance Halloween Ski Lift. The mountain resort also offers zip lining through treetops, gliding from one tree to another and with a camera, you can capture every moment. Later in the day, the whole family can enjoy bike riding up and down the hills. When you are all tired, come down to the river for a relaxing and calm environment where you can enjoy fly fishing and art classes. 

10. Provo Corn Maze

This year, the Provo corn maze has been designed after Bigfoot. There is also a u-pick pumpkin patch, featuring a new Halloween-themed zipline and zombie paintball. Later you can enjoy the hayride, and zipline over the autumn patch. Let your family play various monster farm games and be sure to get your family picture at the photo-op later. Your family will love the McCoard’s Mystery Maze, with two styles of mazes. One of a kind for kiddos and those looking for adventures.

This skims the top of all the available Halloween events around the Provo area but hopefully, it will give you a good start. Have fun celebrating this fantastic season with the people you love!