Friday, July 6, 2018

Provo, UT: One of the Happiest Cities in America

When looking for somewhere to vacation, you want to visit a place that will make you feel happy. There are many options for a vacation spot, but none have quite the charm and appeal of Provo, Utah. It may surprise you, but Provo, Utah has consistently ranked in the top 10 happiest towns in America, according to a study done by National Geographic. It has also ranked well as a place for outdoorsy type people to live, creative types to have a job, and as a place to raise a family. This town, and how great it is, has been one of the best-kept secrets in America, but not anymore. There are many reasons for how well Provo ranks in these studies, particularly in how happy residents are, but there are a few reasons that stand out. Some important items we need to be happy are getting outside, eating healthy and delicious food, experiencing art, taking a vacation, and being part of a good community.

One of the largest factors in being happy is getting outside. In Provo, there are many options for outdoor recreation within a few minutes of downtown, making them accessible to all. Provo is nestled near the mountains, so there are many winding trails for hikers of all skill levels as well as some opportunities for rock climbers of various skill levels. There is also a nearby lake, which offers everything from swimming to fishing to sailing. You can rent most of the equipment nearby and there is even a sailing school that gives lessons to the public. Even in the winter, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. The Bridal Falls, a stunning set of waterfalls, freeze over and some daring ice-climbers climb up them. On the lake, there is ice fishing, and there is cross country skiing outdoors as well. In short, there are plenty of adventures to have outdoors no matter what time of year it is, which contributes greatly to happiness. In addition to being outdoors, people also need good, affordable food.

Provo is a great place to go for delicious food. The city has several farmers’ markets where local farmers bring the best of their food into the city. There are also many local orchards to supply these markets as well. All in all, people in Provo can get fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables for a good price. Beyond this, of course, there are the many delicious restaurants in Provo. There is a dizzying array of foods to choose from and you know the atmosphere will be great since everyone in town is so happy. You can eat at a different place each night you’re there and still have more restaurants you want to try. In addition to eating great food, people also need art in various forms to feel happy.

Another important aspect of happiness is experiencing art. Provo is full of art and culture in addition to all of the outdoor wonders. There are several theaters in town, a thriving community orchestra, as well as several art galleries. Brigham Young University has brought many different attractions to the town as well. They are generous about sharing some of their more interesting academic buildings with the public and their students put on many wonderful plays. Another example is BYU’s paleontology building, which is open to the public, and all they ask for is a donation. This building holds fossils that have been gathered over decades and it serves double duty as a museum and a research lab. While art is important for happiness, so is taking a vacation.

Taking a vacation is very important to our happiness. With the amount there is to do and see in Provo, it is likely that residents choose to take a staycation instead of traveling somewhere else. Why would they leave? Everywhere you look in Provo, there is another reason to visit. Their waterpark has something for all ages, from a collection of waterslides to a lazy river to a section just for toddlers. In addition to that, there is also a trail that can be traveled via rollerblade, as well as just about any other form of non-motorized transportation. This trail runs along the river and can be accessed by the highway. All of these traits make this path accessible to many people of various hiking levels and that means visitors only have to travel as much of it as they desire. Taking vacation is important for our health, but so is having a friendly community.

Provo is a friendly community and is welcoming to visitors. One of the reasons Provo is such a happy place to live is because everyone there is so friendly and people are able to find their niche. For visitors, it doesn’t take long to fall in love with the city and get to know many of the people there. Provo celebrates its history, embracing both the people of past and present who live there. They are happy to remember what is past and look to the future. By learning about Provo’s past at any of its museums, you can be drawn into the community as well. There is a lot to love in this city and a lot to love about the community you will find there, past and present.

Provo is one of the happiest cities in America because residents and visitors are able to get outdoors, eat delicious and healthy food, experience art, take a vacation (or a staycation), and be part of a friendly community. Many of the factors of happiness are easily covered in Provo, which must be why it has ranked so highly as a great place to live so consistently. If you don’t live in Provo, then part of your happiness could be in taking a vacation there. After all, taking a vacation is an important part of being happy, and we know that Provo fits the rest of the bill. All it’s missing is you!