Tuesday, January 10, 2017

What You Need to Know About Visiting Mt. Timpanogos Park

If you love the prospect of spending quality time outdoors during your visit to the city of Provo, you’ll love Mt. Timpanogos Park. With multiple ways to enjoy the park, you’ll find that it is a great place to make a pit stop or spend the entire day! Here’s what you should know when visiting Mt. Timpanogos Park.

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Wide Open Spaces Greet You at Mt. Timpanogos Park

When you come to the beautiful Provo, UT, area, all around you are gorgeous peaks and scenery. Mt. Timpanogos Park is just one of the many great opportunities to get outside and take it all in. So, what does the park have to offer?

To locals, the park may look familiar. Previously Orem’s Canyon Park, Mt. Timpanogos Park is the product of a $2.8 million update. After a 15-year planning period, the 44-acre park took a quick two years to complete. No doubt, renaming the park was a top priority. In order to distinguish the park from the many other parks in the area, removing the word “canyon” from the park’s name was essential. The park features six pavilion-tent sites, ten picnic sites, six bathrooms, and an all-weather “hosting” site. All around the park, splendid vistas will wow you.

Wonderful Ways to Use the Park

You’ll love the many ways to enjoy the park and its space to stretch out. Spending some time at the Mt. Timpanogos Park during your visit to the Provo area is a must for anyone looking for a relaxing time. Here are some suggestions.

  • Plan a barbecue! The park features pavilions with built-in braziers just for the sake of delicious burgers and dogs.

  • Go for a walk or jog on the beautiful trails within the park! What better way to soak up the sun than to take a stroll at the foot of the mountains.

  • Enjoy the water! With access to the Provo River, you’ll want to at least go check out the beauty the river has to offer.

  • Come out for the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival! Hear amazing stories from some of the best, hand-picked professional storytellers in the country. Celebrate the art of storytelling!

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