Thursday, December 1, 2016

You will Love These Fun Things to Do in Provo

When you make the trip to Provo, UT, you’ll first notice that the city is surrounded by gorgeous, mountainous terrain. It creates quite the panorama! And, in and around that terrain, you will find a variety of fun things to do in Provo. Enjoy activities like hiking, zipline, museums, dining, and more! What’s more fun than just enjoying yourself? So, check out these fun things to do in Provo!

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Treat Yourself with These Fun Things to Do in Provo

Bridal Veil Falls

Just outside of Provo up Highway 189, you’ll come upon the Bridal Veil Falls, one of the area’s most beautiful waterfalls. There, you can pack a picnic, enjoy the trail, and enjoy the great outdoors. The 607-foot waterfall can be found at the southern end of the Provo Canyon. You’ll love the gentle trail meant for sight-seeing. Plus, it’s dog-friendly!

Provo Museums

The city of Provo boasts a bounty of great museums thanks to the presence of Brigham Young University. Check out the Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum where you’ll have the chance to learn about the process of life for an array of creatures. Then, stop by the BYU Museum of Art and check out the latest exhibits from some of the best artists in the western U.S. You don’t want to skip out on the BYU Earth Science Museum where you’ll learn about paleontology and see up close and personal the research of Dr. James A. Jensen. The fossils he’s discovered have shaped ancient history as we know it!

Provo Peak

Taking the trek to see Provo Peak is worth it on so many levels. You’ll enjoy wonderful views of the Utah Valley and the surrounding mountains. If you’re a photographer, you’ll love the opportunity to capture the panorama and the nature that called Provo Peak home. And, it’s a wonderful opportunity for the outdoorsman to get in a quality hike!


This is your chance to see the countryside and get an adrenaline rush like nowhere else! Check out the zipline options in the Provo area like Adventure Zipline and High Country Adventure.


Provo, UT restaurants are sure to wow you with their high-quality, delicious food. What’s better than having a great time around incredible food? You’ll want to check out Brick Oven, Gloria’s Little Italy, Los Hermanos, Pier 49 Pizza, Ruby River Steakhouse, Saigon Noodle House, Sundance Foundry Grill, and Tucanos Brazilian Grill.

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