Friday, November 18, 2016

Why You Need to Check Out the Crandall Historical Printing Museum

The city of Provo, UT, is home to a variety of great museums due to the presence of Brigham Young University. The Crandall Historical Printing Museum stands alone in that regard. In it, you’ll find the extensive history of the all-important invention: the printing press. The museum covers the device from its invention to its modern day version, and lets you see for yourself the printing process.

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The Crandall Historical Printing Museum is a Family Favorite

When Johannes Gutenberg designed the first printing press, he did so to enlighten the world with the knowledge of the Bible. From his invention, thousands of manuscripts became accessible books for the whole world to open and read. Religion, thought, philosophy, intelligence, and ideas were made available to mankind in a way they had never been before, inspiring key historical events. These important events in history, like the Reformation, the Age of Enlightenment, the American Revolution, and more, are all due to the momentous invention of the Gutenberg Press. At the Crandall Historical Printing Museum, you’ll explore a replica of the Gutenberg Press.

Other Notable Presses You’ll Find

The Crandall Historical Printing Museum is home to the world’s most extensive collection of historical presses. One of those is the English Common Press. This particular press was especially important in the formation of the United States of America during the American Revolution. Important documents like Thomas Paine’s Common Sense and Benjamin Franklin’s Poor Richard’s Almanack were printed on one of these. In addition to these, the Declaration of Independence was copied on an English Common Press to be distributed amongst the states of the new nation in the late 18th Century.

You’ll also find what’s called an Acorn Hand Press, or the Peter Smith Hand Press. Important to many Utahns because of their Mormon beliefs, the Acorn Hand Press was responsible for the first printing of the Book of Mormon.

How to Get to the Crandall Historical Printing Museum

The museum itself is centrally located, meaning it’s an easy stop for any visitor to Provo. You’ll be right in the middle of everything, so plan it into your day or reserve your spot in a demonstration. You are guaranteed to leave more knowledgeable and appreciative of the incredible invention that is the printing press.

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