Friday, August 12, 2016

Have the Best Time at Crandall Historical Printing Museum

Few inventions have left the impact on history as that of the printing press. As revolutionary as powered flight, space exploration, and the light bulb, the printing press was a jolt of electricity to the world of literacy and communication. Here in Provo, you can learn all about the fascinating history of printing at the Crandall Historical Printing Museum, the world’s best museum of its kind! Located less than a mile away from Hines Mansion Bed & Breakfast, you’ll love visiting this great museum when you stay with us.

The Crandall Historical Printing Museum

When German printer Johannes Gutenberg first printed the Bible on his printing press, he immediately bridged the gap between the educated clergy and the uneducated commoners. Until then, Scripture was not available to the average person, resulting in misinterpretation and more. However, Gutenberg’s press altered the course of history, placing not only the Bible in people’s hands, but as time went on and news presses were developed, literature, educational material, news, and much more. The Crandall Historical Printing Museum preserves the history of the printing press and educates visitors through tours, working presses, and more!

The Presses

There are three presses housed at the Museum: a Gutenberg Press, an English Common Press, and an Acorn Hand Press, representing the 1400s, 1700s, and 1800s respectively. According to the Museum website, the first two presses use wooden printing blocks, whereas the Acorn Hand Press uses metal. These presses are still functioning, and the staff will show you how they work. In fact, you’ll even be able to lend a hand in using the Gutenberg Press to print a Bible!

The Museum Shop sells hand pressed copies of the Declaration of Independence, and replicas of the 1830 Book of Mormon, allowing you to take home documents printed on the presses!


The Crandall Historical Printing Museum is open for tours by appointment only. To schedule a tour (up to 25 people), call the staff at (801) 377-7777, or contact them online. Be sure to follow the Museum on Facebook for regular updates, too!

The Museum is located at 275 East Center Street, Provo, UT 84606.

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