Monday, August 19, 2019

The 9 Best National Monuments to Visit in Utah

The 9 Best National Monuments to Visit in Utah blog cover image

If you’re hoping to take a vacation this year that is both entertaining and relaxing, Utah is the ideal destination for you. Not only will you explore new scenery and beautiful sites, but you can also learn about Utah’s various National Monuments and what makes them so unique.

Check out the 9 best monuments you have to stop and see the next time you’re visiting Utah:

visitors overlooking the red rock from a vista point

1. Cedar Breaks National Monument

This monument isn’t as popular as most, so it’s often overlooked. Many people will speed right on by to Las Vegas without giving it a second glance but this is a very beautiful destination.

The rocks at this monument are known to be more colorful than most. This is because many of the other parks and monuments in this state contain more of a desert look and feel.

You’ll notice several bright and vivacious colors reflecting off the limestone rock formations. A unique fact about the colors is that they can change depending on the season, so it’ll feel like you’re seeing a whole new monument every time you come back. The sunset is also known to be an incredibly gorgeous mixture of colors.

crumbling brick structures in the sunset

2. Hovenweep National Monument

Since this monument is located farther away than most, you may have a secluded feeling when you step foot here. This monument is over 10,000 years old and is known to be a fairly underrated tourist destination spot. You’ll feel the history throughout this area. It used to be the home of over 2,000 different residents at one point in time.

You’ll find different structures formed as far back as 1200 AD that overlook several majestic canyons. Gaze down at the wondrous canyons beneath you as you venture through the various older structures. If you’re searching for a place to hike and explore, this is the location to do it. There are several hiking trails available to you for exploring.

As you journey down the hiking paths, you’ll find many popular or rare birds sitting along the tree branches ready to tweet a friendly “hello”. If you’re enjoying your time there and would like to stay a little longer, you can pay $15 a night to camp on the grounds. If you’d just like daily access to the park, it is free for everyone.

white formations hanging from the cave ceiling

3. Timpanogos Cave National Monument

Are you a brave and adventurous mountain climber? Then this is the monument made for you. This park features Mount Timpanogos. It’s a mountain you can climb that isn’t too extremely challenging, so even beginner climbers can make the journey up.

This is when you can start to explore the insides of the mountain you just climbed as you enter the Timpanogos Cave. This cave also provides a guided tour for only $8.

black and red steam engine with brass acents

4. Golden Spike National Historic Site

This site has some major history behind it. In 1869, the Transcontinental Railroad had finished its construction. This brought together the East and West areas located at Promontory Summit. To learn more about this site, you can head over to the headquarters to see different replica steam trains and different exhibits explaining the history here.

5. Dinosaur National Monument

This monument combines the best of both worlds that you and your kids are searching for: fun and learning. Unleash the dinosaur-lover inside you by visiting this monument with over 1,500 unique Jurassic fossils. You’ll also uncover all kinds of skeletons that are still preserved and available for viewing.

After you’ve learned all there is to know about dinosaurs, hop on over to the trampoline section of the monument. You and your family can jump on the different trampolines they have available in the park.

red natural arch glowing in the daylight

6. Rainbow Bridge National Monument

The adventure immediately begins as soon as you arrive at this park. When you first show up, you’ll notice a giant arch that stretches over a large majority of the land. Once you get to the park, you’ll need to park your car immediately. Then you’ll hop on a boat or begin your hike up to the arch to get the full view and experience.

Boating or hiking are both acceptable options to pursue. The hike is a little under two miles to reach the top, but others would still prefer to take the boat. This is because the view on your way to the bridge is breathtaking.

7. Natural Bridges National Monument

This park is known to be a special one. It was proclaimed Utah’s very first national monument in the year of 1908. This area was once inhabited by Native Americans. The current bridges found at this monument now are named Owachomo, Kachina, and Sipapu. Whichever bridge you choose to explore and stand on will give you a pretty view as you look out at the various canyons and deserts.

This is the ideal place to get active and experience beautiful sites along the way. There are approximately seven trails available for hiking in the park. You’ll find several hiking trails and bird species sitting along the trail as you stroll.

8. Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument

This area consists of a fairly small town. The surrounding land is fairly more rugged than the others. It’s one of the latest monuments in Utah to be discovered. Once you explore more of what this area has to offer, you’ll see different thin canyons along the way and two rivers. Though it isn’t super populated, you’ll see this area is still beautiful and contains a lot of heart.

9. Bears Ears National Monument

If you’re searching for a monument destination that will include different artifacts and gorgeous canyons, check out Bears Ears National Monument. You’ll get the chance to discover various canyons made of sandstone. You can also explore and view the different forests in the park.
Discover art made from rocks, ancient images and other wondrous souvenirs and artifacts from the monument.

While Utah contains several different types of National Parks and places to explore, the National Monuments may be the most wondrous. If gorgeous views and adventures are what you’re looking for, pack your family and friends up in your car and head on out for a road trip to the majestic state of Utah. Engage in a tour of these National Monuments to learn, see and do a lot of incredible things throughout this adventure.