Wednesday, December 12, 2018

8 Christmas Events Worth Checking Out in Utah County

Christmas is approaching fast. The holiday that everyone looks forward to each year. The celebration connotes sharing and loving. It's hard to believe that we are just a couple of weeks away from enjoying this incredible festival. From Christmas celebrations to presentations, Utah County is home to a lot of fun winter events.

Here are eight Christmas Events worth checking out in Utah County:

1. Christmas Eve Luminaries in Alpine

Lighting up luminaries on Christmas Eve is one of the traditional Christmas events in the neighborhood of Alpine. Lighting the luminaries would give you the unique experience of a quiet Christmas. People purchase these luminaries for the benefit of various charity groups in the state.

2. Christmas in Color in Salt Lake City

During every Christmas season, Salt Lake City decorates their streets and highways with beautiful Christmas lights. Even tunnels get lighting illustrations with beautiful colors of the season. The lights are sync to the holiday music that you usually hear over the radios. You will drive through the gorgeous pathways designed with giant candy canes and snowmen. Be ready to be amazed by the beautiful Christmas experience, and you will feel like you are in another world

3. University Place Live Nativity

The live nativity is held every December at the University Place mall in Orem. The event will depict the birth of Jesus. Actors dress like the native people of Jerusalem with the Wise Men and their treasures. Besides this, drinks are free to those who come and witness the event. It can be a bit cold during this time, six to nine in the evening, so make sure to dress appropriately. Then leave the event with a mug of hot chocolate to help you feel warm.

4. Victorian Christmas Celebration at Pioneer Village

During this time, Provo village will be open for everyone to celebrate Christmas with them in a Victorian way. The town opens every two days in December each year. There will be singing, square dancing, and much more. The village also offers light refreshments for everyone. Gifts are also available in the area for purchase. Before leaving, attendees are suggested to drop two dollars each or ten dollars per family as a donation. Not that bad for an event that you will surely enjoy

5. Highland Christmas Craft Day

Kids are invited together with their parents to create various crafts and Christmas decorations. The city event coordinators will provide materials. After the craft making, there will be kid’s time to meet Santa Claus, where they can sit on his lap and share stories with him. The event will run from ten in the morning to noon every Saturday of December. The annual event aims to provide kids with the fun making crafts and get everyone in the Christmas spirit.

6. Alpine Living Nativity

Alpine Living Nativity is an annual charity event to help people remember why they need to celebrate Christmas. It usually runs for one weekend at the start of December. Above all, it is a family-friendly event which provides free hot chocolate offered at the end of the event to warm up the guests. The event starts with orientation at the hillside. Then you can walk through the Jerusalem set up, the area where there are live animals, and there will be Wise Men too. Before you leave the area, you will hear a small brass band playing hymns gently.

7. Peteetneet Santa Dash

Payson’s 1-mile Santa Dash is an annual event with runners wearing their Santa hats on the trail. Payson coordinators usually provide free Santa hats for the first 100 participants. After doing the Santa Dash, there will be the lighting of Peteetneet Museum, and there is singing of Christmas songs. Families come together to experience the fascinating lights which have unique designs every year; and enjoy the lovely melody of Christmas music.

8. Enchanted Christmas Festival

The enchanted Christmas Festival occurs every 15th of December at the Pleasant Grove Community Center. There will be cooking projects and games for kids. Each kid will have the opportunity to meet Santa and bring home books and goodies. It is projected particularly for children ages two to six. The Enchanted Christmas Festival will run from ten in the morning to two o’clock in the afternoon.

Every day can be a chance to book a trip and have a vacation. However, vacationing during the Christmas season is a uniquely pleasant experience in Utah County. It will be a surreal moment that you can share with the family. Utah is known for its family-friendly events and attractions. Experience Christmas in Utah and enjoy these fantastic events with your family.