Friday, October 12, 2018

10 Gorgeous Utah Valley Hikes To Take In The Fall

It’s fall again, and we all know that fall is the favorite season of Utah. The dark orange leaves, the yellow horizon, the whole atmosphere full of warmth and color. One cannot but bask in this seasonal splendor, especially when you take a look at the mountainside. This builds a desire for more, and there is nothing more enjoyable than going for a hike along the trails of Utah.

Hiking helps you appreciate nature as you hit the trail. You get to see the leaves fall slowly to the ground, the wind rustling through the fallen leaves, the beautiful picture nature paints each passing day; nothing beats it.

Since you are searching for the best place to hike this fall, Utah has some that might become your favorite trails. Let us start with 10 of the best fall hikes you can find in Utah this fall.


Judging by the experiences of those that hike frequently, the Grotto Falls is the best trail to hike in Utah with either friends or family. It is a beautiful environment with a simple and fun trail. In case you have a hard time finding the Grotto Falls, it is located on the Nebo Loop. The scenic Nebo Loop is also a local’s favorite for fall drives.


The Ghost Falls was given its name due to Halloween. Even if there’s no water running at the time, it is still a gorgeous trail. As you walk, you’ll notice the brightly-colored leaves popping their colors. What better way to show their beauty and keep you in awe than to show off their colors in the setting sun? The Ghost Fall is a cool place to hike. You should check it out!


If you are scared of heights, then it’s time to get your freak on. Willow Heights has quite a steep climb to the top of the Willow Heights Lake but the trail is full of other distractions that you won’t even realize that you’ve gotten to the top. The trails are filled with aspens which turn golden yellow in fall. The small lake surrounded by aspens is truly a sight to behold.


There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that Cascade Springs is situated on the Alpine Loop, which requires a fee to gain entry. The good news is that the drive to the Springs is very beautiful. Getting to the waterfall is quite easy since the way is paved, or a boardwalk in some places. There are steep ups and down, making it an adventure you should look forward to; while considering the price.


Get ready for an urban hike, as they call it. You still see the stoplights and the streets for the first 15 minutes into the hike. You can only find this uniqueness at the Bell Canyon Reservoir located in Sandy. You will love the colors and the beauty of the lake.


A lot of hikers love this trail because it is not frequently traveled. For safety reasons, you are advised to travel this path as a group. However, the colors and beauty of this trail line its path as you proceed up the Gulch stairs. There are a lot of things to explore; you can either go down to the water or stay on the main trail.


The Temple Quarry trail is very short and ideal for family trips. It is suitable for little kids and is stroller-friendly too. It is located at the mouth of the Little Cottonwood Canyon. Bring a camera with you because there are a lot of beautiful things to capture.


This is one of the coolest hikes you can embark on this fall. The sweet part about this Fall is that the waterfall makes a delightful splash during the summer. During the fall, the leaves leave a beautiful trail as you drive by the path.


If you are looking for a place to enjoy the fall colors, then this is it. You get to see nature in its simplicity and splendor. There is a small waterfall filled with moss and covered on the surface with fallen leaves. The leaves begin to change color early in September, buying you enough time to see the beauty of the Falls in the fall.


Driving along the Nebo Loop, you will see the Payson Lakes. It is fun and easy to walk around. There are paved paths that simplify the walks, and it is a stroller-friendly environment making it ideal for a family trip. Set up a picnic around the lake and enjoy the beautiful view!

There are lots of trails to hike in Utah during the fall, these are just a few of our favorites. Many of them are stroller-friendly so you can bring the whole family.

Always remember to bring plenty of water and snacks as well as a first aid kit. Not all of these hikes are very strenuous but they are sometimes in fairly remote locations.