Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Tips To Help You Sleep Better When Staying At a Bed And Breakfast

Most people who visit Hines Mansion have no trouble falling asleep. The peaceful vibe in this glorious mansion immediately relaxes the mind and body and gives you a sense of calm and peace. Our luxury guest rooms also have a unique vibe that mostly results in a completely refreshing nights rest and all guestrooms are fashioned with health mattresses to promote better sleep and blood circulation.

There are some people, however, who find it hard to fall asleep no matter how luxurious, relaxing or beautiful their surroundings are. The new and different atmosphere somehow just makes them feel too curious, excited, or alien to fall asleep. People who suffer from insomnia and light sleepers find it especially hard to get good rest when they are sleeping in a different location with different smells, different lighting, and different sounds.

Here are a few tips to help you fall asleep easily during your first night at our bed and breakfast:

Drink hot milk with honey

A small cup of hot milk with some honey is great for helping you fall asleep faster. This natural drink tastes amazing and has been used as a natural sleep remedy for centuries. Unlike other drinks, milk doesn’t raise your tryptophan levels and raises your internal body temperature which relaxes you and makes you feel sleepy. Honey, on the other hand, spikes melatonin production so your body will be able to tell that it is night time and time for rest.

Drink chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is a health tea that is great for calming you down. This tea is commonly used to treat stress and tension and is also a great tea to put your body in a relaxed state so you can ease into dreamland much quicker.

Use lavender aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has many therapeutic and health benefits and is also a great sleep aid. Lavender essential oil is known to calm you down and make you feel relaxed. The oil is also used to treat stress and anxiety disorders. You can use a diffuser to diffuse lavender oil in your bedroom or simply breathe in the scent right from the bottle so your body and muscles will naturally relax and so you can get better quality sleep.

Listen to music or static

The surroundings at Hines Mansion is mostly quiet which means noises probably won’t disturb your sleep. But listening to peaceful music or static sounds can drain out any noises you might hear during the night and these sounds will help you fall asleep much quicker.

Take along a pillow or sleep on your jacket

The smell of linen can keep you awake if you are not used to a particular fragrance. If you find it hard to sleep in a new location then you can always consider bringing your own pillow along. Alternatively, you can simply take the jacket you wore during the day and throw it over your pillow. Your natural scent will mimic the smell of your bed and you will fall asleep a lot easier.

With these tips, you are sure to fall asleep much quicker and get much better quality sleep no matter where you are.