Monday, February 12, 2018

7 Restaurants For Your Stay At Our Bed And Breakfast

7 Restaurants For Your Stay At Our Bed And Breakfast

Indian curry on rice
Hines Mansion is one of the most luxurious bed and breakfasts you can enjoy when you visit Provo.  Our guest rooms are all incredibly luxurious, unique and comfortable.  The mansion is loaded with décor and historical artifacts that will charm you and every night you spend at this little bed and breakfast certainly will be a night you will remember for a long time to come.  

Our amazing breakfasts are one of the best experiences to enjoy while you visit our guesthouse.  Every breakfast is made to perfection so our guests can start their day fully nourished and with plenty of energy.

While you are staying over at the Hines Mansion you probably want to enjoy dinners that match the quality and taste of your Hines Mansion breakfast and luxury accommodations.  That is exactly why we have included a list of some great restaurants to enjoy while you are staying in Provo.

This restaurant is definitely worth your time. Meals are served quickly despite the fact that this restaurant is so busy and packed with guests and the food is absolutely divine.  The restaurant has a very charming and inviting layout and all the Italian meals are very authentic and very unique. If large quantities of pasta are your thing, Olive Garden is definitely the place to go.

This is a popular Indian restaurant.  You can enjoy specialties from the buffet or order delicious foods from the menu.  The food at this little palace is excellent, located on Center Street in Provo, the general atmosphere is wonderful and the restaurant is fantastic for those that want to get a taste of something out of the ordinary.

Bombay House has a very Indian atmosphere.  The building’s design immediately gives you the sense of a different world and the restaurant serves Indian dishes that are absolutely delicious as well as a wide range of sauces that you can try. Bombay House has become a not-so-hidden gem of the Provo area that has amazing food that everybody can enjoy.

If you love buffet dinners then you will love Chuck-A-Rama Buffet.  This luxury restaurant has a very large buffet dining area and serves a great variety of foods from which you can choose.  The prices are good, the food is of high quality and the general vibe of the restaurant is very casual and friendly.

This lovely joint is perfect for a night on the town. Not only does Communal have delicious food, it also has a unique dining experience: a communal dining experience, where you have the opportunity to dine close with other parties, though you don’t have to. Communal supports local farms and sustainable meats and cheeses, and uses all that to make amazing food!

If you love burgers then JCW’s The Burger Boys is the right restaurant for you.  This restaurant has a very retro vibe. The atmosphere is very laid back and positive and the burgers, as well as the sides and desserts, served here is amazing. JCW boasts an array of different burgers ranging from Pastrami burgers, a Chili burger, and even Garden and Avocado bacon burgers.

If you are looking for a quick bite to eat then this café is one of the best places to choose.  The café has a very classy and very quaint vibe and they have a great variety of small to large meal plans such as sandwiches, bites, food plates and more to choose from that will fill your right up. Located on center street, Station 22 is a perfect spot for a date! The atmosphere will surely help you feel right at home.

With these many restaurants to choose from you will surely enjoy your dinners in Provo as much as you did your Hines Mansion breakfast.  You can definitely visit any of these restaurants for an amazing evening and a great meal. Book a room now with us and come enjoy the delicious restaurants that Provo has to offer! 

We'd love to hear your suggestions! What are some restaurants that you have enjoyed while staying in the Provo area?