Wednesday, November 8, 2017

7 Things You'll Find at the Provo City Center Temple

Temples are some of the most important man-made structures to cultures all around the world. The Provo City Center Temple in Provo, UT, is no exception. This bastion of the Mormon faith serves the surrounding area as a center for religious study, worship, culture, and fellowship. Disaster struck in 2010 when a fire razed the Provo Tabernacle. However, the temple was rebuilt and dedicated in March of 2016. There are many reasons you should take a visit to the Provo City Center Temple! Here, we'll talk about seven things you'll find there!

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7 Things to See at the Provo City Center Temple

The temple in Provo sits on the horizon like a castle. The gleaming spires accent the brick facade making for one of the most beautiful architectural points of interest. So, why explore it? 

  1. The exterior looks like something out of a fairy tale. With its spires and elaborate brickwork, the intricate details will amaze you. You may even see the golden angel that sits atop the central spire from afar.

  2. The Provo City Center Temple interior reflects a Victorian influence. From the intricate wooden spiral staircases to the carved stone baptistry, you’ll be taken aback by the amount of detail.

  3. The chandeliers in the temple will wow you. Huge chandeliers adorn the ceilings, descending halfway into the room.

  4. The stained glass in virtually every window will mystify you with beauty. Sure, stained glass is in many churches, but to truly appreciate it you must get up close. It takes an expert artisan to make stained glass. And, stained glass of this quality is considered artwork.

  5. The pulpit in the chapel is an intricate, hand-carved survivor of the 2010 Provo Tabernacle fire. The fact that a wooden pulpit would survive a devastating fire is something that some have called “miraculous.”

  6. The grounds surrounding the temple are meticulously kept and highlight the temple with fountains, statues, flowers, and even a gazebo.

  7. The baptistry is a work of art. Seven statues of oxen support the polished marble baptismal. It’s a wonder to look at!

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