Friday, July 28, 2017

This is Why Squaw Peak is One of the Most Popular Trails Near Provo

When you’re visiting Provo, UT, you’ll look around and see the beautiful Wasatch Mountains encircling the city as if standing guard. These gorgeous mountains are chocked full of trails and parks, just waiting for your exploration. Squaw Peak is one of those mountains with a beautiful trail and overlook. Squaw Peak one of the most popular trails near Provo for many reasons, and it is worth a hike if you’re able! So, why check it out? We’ll tell you that and more!

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Why You Should Check Out Squaw Peak

There are many great reasons to get outside and explore the mountains near Provo. With all of the great trails, parks, scenery, and views, you’d be remiss to skip a day trip to the neighboring mountains. So, check out Squaw Peak! You won’t regret it.

  • Squaw Peak is home to fantastic views of the valley in which Provo calls home.

  • The Squaw Peak Lookout Point is accessible by car! So, if you’re unable to hike the trail, you can still enjoy the grandeur the overlook provides.

  • If you go at night, you can see the city lit up with lights in beautiful fashion from high above the hustle and bustle.

How to Hike Squaw Peak

The Squaw Peak Trail is one of the most popular trails in the area with dramatic rock faces and a hike through a wooded hillside. You’ll see incredible views of Squaw Peak. This hike, in particular, is gorgeous during the fall after the aspens have turned bright gold. Here’s what you should know before you hike the trail.

  • The Squaw Peak Trail is a 7.1-mile out-and-back trail that gains 2,814 feet in elevation.

  • The hike is rated “Difficult.” So, know your ability level and adjust your plan accordingly.

  • Squaw Peak Trail is best used between March and October.

  • Dogs are allowed on the trail, but only while on-leash.

  • The trail is great for hiking, trail running, rock climbing, and birding.

Plan Your Hiking Trip to Provo

Whether you’re a veteran hiker or a rookie just looking to get some fresh air, hiking near Provo is a fantastic vacation idea. There are plenty of trails and mountains to hike and climb! So, plan your trip to Provo for a hiking adventure, and kick off your boots at the historic Hines Mansion. Our rooms are the perfect respite after a long day spent hiking. Plus, when you want to experience the city of Provo, there’s not a better resource than our free, downloadable Vacation Guide. You’re going to love your vacation here. So, browse our availability and contact us today to book your mountain getaway to Provo!