Thursday, June 29, 2017

Why Rock Canyon in Utah Is One of the Best Hikes

Jutting out from the Wasatch Mountains, Rock Canyon in Utah is one of the most popular attractions of the Provo area. Outdoor enthusiasts of multiple interests take advantage of the hiking, climbing, and camping spots found within the canyon, year in and year out. We could leave it at that (which that alone might be enough to prompt a visit) or we could tell you why Rock Canyon in Utah is one of the best hikes you’ll find in the state. So strap on your backpack, dust off your hiking shoes and get ready to find out what makes this destination so popular.

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Hiking Rock Canyon Utah

Rock Canyon is located in Provo, UT, and is impossible to miss from the city. The expansive Wasatch Mountains provide a beautiful backdrop to Provo, too. Rock Canyon contains several hikes: The Rock Canyon Trail, the Squaw Peak Hike, and the Y Mountain Trail, each varying in length and difficulty. Here’s a quick look at the trails, and what to expect!

Rock Canyon Trail

This is the most popular of the canyon’s trails, an out-and-back trail that clocks in at 5.6 miles. You can expect an elevation change of 1,630 feet, so get ready to break a sweat. The trail is open year-round and is dog-friendly. If you’re looking for a nice balance between a trying trek and an easy stroll, Rock Canyon Trail is a great choice.

Squaw Peak Trail

If you want the best view of the surrounding area, then head to Squaw Peak Trail! This hike is notably more intense than the Rock Canyon Trail, though. Rated as hard (as compared to “moderate” for Rock Canyon), the trail features over 2,700 feet of elevation change and measures 7.1 miles. However, the view from the top is worth the trip, and it rewards with a stunning look at Provo and the surrounding mountains.

“Y” Mountain Trail

The “Y” Mountain earned its name for the giant letter “Y” installed there, which was supposed to be accompanied by “B” and “U” for Provo’s Brigham Young University. Thanks to the giant marker, you’ll have no trouble locating it. What the trail lacks in length, it makes up for in height. It’s only 2.4 miles long, but the elevation change in that short distance measures just over 3,300 feet. The Y Mountain Trail is a popular choice for not only hikers but trail runners too.

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