Thursday, May 4, 2017

Grab a Slice at The Pizza Factory in Provo

Pizza, that ubiquitous, delicious pie made of the dreams of Sicilians and craved by all, is one of the most convenient and satisfying foods there is. The Pizza Factory in Provo is your source for incredible pizza in the Utah Valley that you’re sure to drool over. You’re going to love this pizza! And, if pizza isn’t your favorite, they also have a bunch of other great menu options from which to choose. The Pizza Factory in Provo is dishing out slices. Come and get it!

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The Pizza Factory in Provo Will Have You Drooling

The Pizza Factory in Provo really is a factory when it comes to handcrafting amazing pizza to your order. When it comes to The Pizza Factory menu, you’re the architect gifted with fresh, delicious ingredients! All their pizzas are made-to-order, so you get exactly what you want, exactly as you ordered it. So, come hungry and ready to dive in! Here are some of the best menu options The Pizza Factory in Provo has to offer.

Custom Built Pizzas

Choose your size, choose your crust, choose your sauce, then choose your toppings. The choice is truly yours! Crust options like traditional, thin crust, deep dish, and gluten free make great canvases for your pizza masterpiece. For sauce, classic red, alfredo, ranch, BBQ, creamy pesto, and classic pesto are all delicious choices! Then, the toppings. Choose from awesome meat toppings like the classics, bacon, genoa salami, chicken, pastrami, and even shrimp. All the veggie toppings you could want are also available. Is your mouth watering yet?

Specialty Pizzas

Try a specialty pizza, some of the best crust-sauce-toppings combinations The Pizza Factory in Provo offers. The Alfredo Chicken is a cheesy, delicious option. The Garlic Ranch Chicken is another white-sauce favorite. If you like pineapple on your pizza, the Hawaiian option is sure to satisfy. And, the Factory Deluxe is their take on supreme pizza. For a smokier take on pizza, try their Bar-B-Que Chicken pizza, a deep dish pie with chicken, red onions, bacon, and more.

Pasta Favorites

If you’re not in the pizza mood but still crave Italian, The Pizza Factory in Provo has got you covered! Traditional and fusion varieties of your favorites will fill you. Try their Creamy Chicken Pesto, Twice Baked Ziti, or fusion options like Szechuan Chicken pasta and Cajun Chicken and Shrimp Pasta!

Green Stuff You’ll Love

They also offer delicious salads for those wanting a lighter option. The salad bar is a great option or try one of their made to order salads: Classic Caesar, Bowtie Chicken Caesar, Poppy Seed Ranch, and Raspberry Vinaigrette salads.

Desserts to Die For

Their famous desserts will stuff you, if you’re not enough already after all that pizza. Try their Famous Factory Cookies, chocolate lava cake, smoothies, milkshakes, or “Never on Sundae,” a decadent cookie dough dessert you don’t want to skip.

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