Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hiking and Fishing at Emerald Lake in Utah

If you love the great outdoors, pristine mountain lakes, and the beauty of the Wasatch Mountains, then taking the hike up to Emerald Lake in Utah is a great idea! The lake is one of the most beautiful bodies of water in the Wasatch Mountains, and it offers a unique opportunity for fishing, as well. The emerald-green water, left behind by a glacier, is worthy of a visit for the photo op alone. So, pack up your gear and head out to Emerald Lake in Utah! Here’s what you need to know!

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Take the Trail to Emerald Lake in Utah

Hiking in the Wasatch Mountains can be a rewarding and beautiful experience. So, when you take one of the trails to Emerald Lake on the way up to Mount Timpanogos, you’re in for an incredible experience. There are two great ways to access the lake. One is via the Aspen Grove Trail and the other via the Timpooneke Trail. Take either of these for a hike that, while challenging, offers gorgeous views and the chance to visit Emerald Lake. Along the way, depending on the season, wildflowers greet you along the trail. The trails are rated hard, and each is around seven miles out-and-back.

Fishing at Emerald Lake

When you get to Emerald Lake in Utah, the striking blue-green water will intrigue you. Fishing at Emerald Lake presents a unique challenge due to its elevation at 10,135 feet and the trail to it. The lake is about three acres with limited amenities, so come prepared! In the lake, you’ll most commonly catch rainbow trout, tiger trout, and arctic grayling. The lake is about 26 feet deep, and most fish survive the harsh mountain winter. If you’re in for an angling adventure, the hike up makes this a noteworthy fishing spot.

Hike Up to Mount Timpanogos

Whether you take Timpooneke Trail or the Aspen Grove Trail, the hike up to Mount Timpanogos is both hard and worth it. The 15-mile out-and-back trails offer some of the best views in the Wasatch Mountains. So, if you’re the outdoorsman-type, come prepared for a challenge. If you’re a casual tourist, this hike is probably not for you. Be safe up there!

Unload Your Hiking Gear in Provo

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